Why These Men From Tribes In Myanmar Tattooed Their Women To Look “Ugly”?

Men From Tribes Tattooed Their Women

“Men From Tribes Tattooed Their Women”

All the men from a little known tribe in “Myanmar” tattooed their women to look extremely “ugly”.

Well, it is said to be started during the reigns of kings long ago but the exact origin is unknown. On the other side, it is also been said that the kings used to visit the tribe to capture all men and women. But men from tribes tattooed their women because they wanted to save ’em from the life of slavery.

Take a look at this women’s facial inking: –

This woman basically from U Pu tribe has her rare whole face tattoo.

The women have different inking and the ink has a different meaning behind it.

For e.g. there is a design called as “bee pattern”, it is composed of circles, lines and lot of dots. This design is only spotted by the women who reside in the hills of the Arakan state.

The spider web tattoo is the most popular one. It is composed of circles in the centre of the forehead and lines under the nose symbolizing tiger whiskers.

The megantribe women can also play the flute from their noses. Surprising, right?

You will be even more surprised with the knowledge of how they remove tattoos on face.

The men of tribes tie the pieces of bamboo together or use thorns to make the tattoo needles. Later, the mixture of pig fat, soot, plants and cow bile prepares the ink.

The past is too much painful {obviously} especially women reveals “the neck is the most painful area”. And while facial ink, the face is covered with blood. Due to this, infection is very common to all the girls.

Take a closer look-It seems totally painful, right?

Something even more painful is that “the girls had no option” during that time. Not only inks, some women used to chew the betel nuts to make their teeth black. One woman revealed her story “I was 10 years old. The day before the tattoo ceremony, I ate only sugarcane and drank some tea. During the inking session, I cried a lot, but could not move at all. After session my face bled for literally 3 days and it was painful”.

“During that time, men wanted woman with facial inking”.

On a serious note, these women from Myanmar tribe and their painful inking story is heartbreaking.

Now the military junta has forbidden the facial inking process with the government imposing a fine of half a cow if caught.

Source: – Mirror.co.uk

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