A Family Died Due To Potatoes! Know The Entire Story

Poison In Potatoes

Poison In Potatoes ! Strange incidents occur around the world every now and then and you get surprised after knowing about them. Well, surprisingly it’s just a matter of fact. Sometimes such weird events leave us in curiosity with thousands of questions and even cause unfortunate consequences.

Well! Today we are going to tell you one such weird story that will leave you shocked. The story of a family with whom a very strange and sad incident happened. This story will hurt you as well.

The Poison In Potatoes, poisonous gas

Actually, a strange gas released from a potato which made an eight-year-old child orphan. Yes, it is absolutely true that the potato made a little girl an orphan. The entire family of this girl died due to this poisonous gas of the potato and today she is completely alone in this world.

Poison In Potatoes

Poison In Potatoes is weird, as well as unfortunate incident, happened in Russia!

The incident happened in Russia, where potatoes killed a family. A girl’s father, mother, brother and her grandmother died due to a rotten potato. They all died from poisonous gas coming out of the potato. The family had stored potatoes in the basement of their home during the winter season. The potatoes were so scorched that they became poisonous gas and when the members of the family went to the basement, due to that gas they fell unconscious and died there.

Poison In Potatoes

Neighbours and police also have claimed that they died because of the poisonous gas released from the rotten potato as no other suspect were found in their death. Police have deeply investigated all the aspects but couldn’t find anything else. The gas released from potatoes was badly spread in the basement.

How Does Potato Became Poisonous?

Poison In Potatoes might sound strange to you but the incident is true. So, let us tell you that potatoes contain poisonous compounds called glycoalkaloid. This is the most popular form of solanine. Glycocloid increases in light green potatoes, and if you cut potatoes and keep them for so long, they became poisonous. However, it is a way of protecting the plant against insects, diseases and other predators.

The growing level of glycoalkaloids considered as an indicator and this increased level makes it of glycoalkaloid poison for humans.

Poison In Potatoes

Hence, potatoes can also become poisonous and release an unbearable gas which can make it hard for humans to breathe, similarly happened with this Russian family

Poison In Potatoes

Friends, potatoes are called the King of Vegetables, and after knowing this story you may feel bad one of your favourite veggies can take your life. If you are also fond of eating potatoes, then you should take special care of that potato and it is not just potatoes any vegetable can become harmful when you keep it for so long. If you want to store vegetables, either keep them in the fridge or a sunny place. Because the cold atmosphere of the fridge and even the sunshine don’t let the germs grow.

The story of Poison In Potatoes – After reading this news, you should also be alert, or else such a potato can be harmful to you as well.

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