Now Take A Spa Daily At Home With These Tips

spa at home

A good spa at home is as good as the one that you pay a hefty amount for at those lavish spas.

The only difference is that you will be the only one pampering yourself when it comes to home spa or if you have a loved one who can do it for you, it can be better. It’s very easy to take a spa at home and all that requires is to do something that cleans your body and helps you relax.

So, just follow these tips and take a spa at home.

Spa at home –

1 – Start with oil massage

Take an essential oil or olive oil and massage your whole body with it. Of course, you will be limited to places when you are alone, but if there’s someone who is doing for you, you can have a good oil massage at first.

2 – Prepare the bath tub

A bath tub is a must when it comes to taking home spa and you are required to fill it with either hot water or a little warm water as per your choice.Make sure that the temperature makes you feel comfortable and once the tub is full, add some bath salts in it. Choose the most soothing bath salts along with bubbles, bath bombs and whatever it is that makes your bath relaxing.

3 – Music and candles

After preparing the tub, just shut down the bathroom lights and light some scented candles, play good music and get a glass of wine if you want to make it even more soothing. This will create a real spa like aura and give you all the feels.

4 – Exfoliate

Choose either a loofah or bathing sponge to exfoliate your body by rubbing it in circular motions. Take good care of your feet with a pumice stone and get rid of all the extra dirt that has settled on your body.

5 – Moisturize

After spending as long as you want in the bath tub, it’s time to dry up and apply a good lotion on your body to moisturize it well. Once you have applied the lotion, wear your bathrobe and relax for another 15 minutes so that your body can soak in all good elements.

This is the way you can enjoy spa at home – All that matters is how you pamper yourself and doing it at home is all the more relaxing as you have the liberty to do things as per your choice.

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