9 Candid Photos Of Celebs That Prove They Are As Normal As We Are

Selcas of stars – CELEBRITY, A BIG WORD, but even bigger, is all the responsibilities that come with it, as fans we almost forget that they too, are humans.

Celebrities always have this very important need and responsibility, to the point of being pressured, to look good at all times!

It also doesn’t help that we, simultaneously put them up on a high pedestal of morals, prim and proper public image, and look up to them as inspirations in the department of confidence and style. We make them feel as though they can never make mistakes, neither can they ever be normal!

BUT, they are normal! As normal as we, their very fan are!

Nowadays, these very same celebs are breaking this stereotype of being ‘perfect’, and just letting it all go, with their sometimes cringe- worthy selfies, to the very happening selcas!

Truly making us all understand that, ‘its okay, its life!’

Here are some cute, heartwarming, and cringe-worthy selcas of stars:

1) Truly she can make sleeping look sexy and cute, that dreamy smile can be a trigger of heartattack! Beware!!!!

selcas of stars

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