Uday Chopra’s Acting Career Is Over: Is It A Good News Or A Bad News?

We talk about Uday Chopra’s statement that he is bidding acting goodbye forever. But he plans to direct a movie someday. This is actually baffling that just because he belongs to a famous family, he thinks he can do anything he wants.

It is celebration time!

Yes guys, Uday Chopra has announced that acting days are over for him.

He has forgotten all about his acting dreams. Acting bug inside him has slept forever! Isn’t this good news? Audiences will heave a sigh of relief to know that their movie-going experience will be less torturous, more enjoyable and they will have to bear none of Uday’s never-existed, non-existing acting skills! Someone does answers prayers!

However, there is a catch!

The young scion of Yash Raj Films, younger brother to the marvelous producer and ace director, Aditya Chopra, has also dropped a bomb along with this announcement. Currently he is heading the international division of Yash Raj Films as a producer but, read carefully, the self-absorbed chap have dreams of directing a movie someday. WHOA!!! Life is always full of un-expected and not-always-so-happy twists, right?

We wonder what is he eating these days? May be travelling around the globe has affected the neurons in his brain? Oh, does he have brains? Oops, that is being rude to him but what can we do? Just to stay in news he can not play with our emotions. First gives us an exciting happy news to exhilarate us and then drop a bomb? He got to be careful about people’s heart, there might be some weak-hearted guys around. Just because he is the son of iconic visionary director, late Yash Chopra, it doesn’t mean that he has the genetic superiority of holding the microphone and commanding orders on the set. The worse thing is, he wants to bestow the torture not only on us poor countrymen, but on international audience as well! Yeah, he says he wants to make a film in India but something that would cater to the whole world. WOW! Are we looking at a global catastrophe?

However, not all is lost guys, there is a ray of hope. Mr. Chopra has also mentioned that it will take him few years to don the director’s hat and till then he will focus on his production company and his current job profile. Okay, you guys can breathe now, for this is excellent! This clearly means that we might be saved from this horrible ordeal for few more years and till then we all can pray and wish that sanity prevails. We hope that by then may be some Ayurvedic medicine is invented which can help him recover his senses and he acts like a responsible person instead of tormenting our souls with his misplaced notions of being a director!

For the time being, let us celebrate and give him a farewell. Let us wish he enjoys his current job profile so that the thought of direction never ever crosses his mind again! Amen!!

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