Pictures That Prove Munnar is Every Photographer’s Muse

Munnar hill station

Munnar hill station – Munnar is a small hill station in Kerala which is famous among the tourists for its scenic beauty. You find lush greenery until your eyes can see which is soothing and rejuvenating in the same vein.

The highlights of Munnar are the idyllic tea-estates which is also a fodder for many tea producing companies to invest there. Recently, Munnar made headlines with the lowest temperature drop ever in India and we shared insights about the same with you in a previous article too.

But it seems like Munnar has completely grown on us with its beauty and here are some glimpses of the pristine landscapes which make Munnar a photograoher’s muse.

The quiet Kanan Devar:

When you contemplate about a vacation, you grapple with ideas where to go. Because, most travel destinations are overrated hence bustling with crowd. There are people who would give anything to while away time in a quite place apart from the screeching sound of crickets by the night. If you are one of them, then you perhaps not miss Kanan Devar which is an incredibly peaceful small town in Munnar, and needless to say, beautiful.

This picture was taken by Richa Chonkar at Kanan Devar Hills, Munnar.

The click happy mountains:

Mornings in Munnar are different from the other parts of the world because the Sun looks like a ringlet on fire over the mountains. When it glistens on the waterbodies, it creates an distilled spark of divine. You can sit for long in the banks or may be pen down a poem or two. The below picture of Munnar proves that why every mood of the nature needs a photographic capture.

This picture was taken by Arvind Mohanraaj at Kanan Devar Hills, Munnar hill station

The skittish clouds:

Catching the nature in its own playful self is not a duck-soup. Photographer scale the riskier heights and dive the dangerous lows for their meat but Munnar gives you such opportunities aplenty. In this picture, you can see the clouds are in the most effervescent mood, sometimes bright sometimes gloomy whilst the tea-estate tries to play peek-a-boo with them. Capturing such a moment needs hands down and we lose ourselves in thoughts by staring at this picture for long.

This picture was shot by Nagesh Hedge at Munnar hill station, Kerala.

The dense cloak of clouds over the winding roads:

The thread-like winding roads are fun to look at from a bird’s eye view and especially when they look like strategic scratches on the mountains. The clouds very fondly wrap the nature with a pristine white cloak like a mother does to her child which makes our hearts aflutter.

This picture was shot by Rajeev Raj at Kanan Devar Hills, Munnar hill station.

Spread your wide wings and fly:

Whoa! is that a color palette up there or is it simply the clouds? you feel like touching them, don’t you? they awe-inspire hold captive.

This picture was shot by Cyril Jacob in Munnar hill station, Kerala. So next time you are in Kerala, don’t forget to keep your lens ready.

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