People Who Were Once Kidnapped Revealed How They Escaped The Trap!

Kidnapped And Escaped Stories

Kidnapped And Escaped Stories – According to the movies, people kidnap others because (maybe) the victim has done something wrong to them, they’re in deeply in love but the victim is not, or to easily get money. This is everything as per shown in the movies.

It’s quite obvious that there will be many reasons why kidnapping is done.

Just in case, you were thinking like me i.e. the reasons that I mentioned above, then let me tell you that there’s more to kidnapping reasons. Recently, I came across a question on “Reddit” i.e. “Redditors who have been kidnapped; what was it like and how did you escape?” There are many Redditors who shared their stories, many even shared stories about their cousin’s who were kidnapped.

Kidnapped And Escaped Stories – Read their answers ( Kidnapped And Escaped Stories ) –

Kidnapped And Escaped Stories

  • Not my own abduction but my cousin was abducted. She lives in Mexico. One day as she was she was walking home after being dropped off by the school bus; she was pulled into a van by men wearing bandanas over there face. They tied her up and placed a hood over her head. They drove for a long time according to her. She was taken to a barn and was left there. Inside the barn were other young women tied up. She would ask what was going on and where are they? But the women wouldn’t answer her. She somehow got loose from her rope and started to look for an escape. She found a window and saw that the sun was setting. She broke the window with a chair. She urged the other girls to come with but they were too scared to leave. My cousin left them and she ran nonstop to the nearest town. She stayed off the roads in case they were looking for her. Luckily she found a phone in the town and called her family. She’s safe now but she could never remember where the location of the barn was. She still feels guilty about it all.
  • I was abducted from my parent’s house by my ex shortly after I broke up with him. I had just turned 19. He broke open the back door and put me in a head lock and threw me in the trunk of his car. I managed to break out into the back seat. He drove to a secluded location where we talked for a while. Then he drove to his place of work to get a shot gun to kill himself. ((His words.)) The police were there looking for him and shot a taser at him but missed. He jumped back in the car and we got in a high speed pursuit and he ended up crashing into a tree. He went to prison for four years and is out now.
  • I was kidnapped in my home city when why I was 10 years old. I was walking with my brother and our tutor on the way back from the stationary store grabbing a few supplies for school. I walked out a bit earlier than them. That’s when I was snatched and thrown into the back of a car. I remember crying like crazy and the man who was sitting beside told me to shut up or he would beat me. A few hours later they pull into a gas station to get gas. The driver was going to pay and I think the other guy went to take a piss. I literally opened the door and ran across the street and hid in a store. I told the guy behind the counter that they are not my parents. They just drove off though. Police was called and they took me to the station and asked me what they looked like. After that my mom came and picked me up and took me home. I remember her hugging me and saying sorry a lot.
  • First time was by a crack head. I couldn’t leave until he was done smoking. Took 13 hours, was pretty shitty. Second time I was held as collateral on a drug deal, for a lot of money. I thought I was going for dinner with a buddy. We got to the restaurant and we’re taken to a room. My buddy took the drugs to do the drop but I wasn’t allowed to leave until he got back with the money. I was pretty scared that time…
  • I was kidnapped for half a day maybe. Managed to get freed because I got lucky and the kidnappers were amateurs. They kept me in the country and posted various posts/pictures on social media to get attention. Police managed to trace their signals and found me.
  • When I was 19 I went to hang out with a guy I kind of knew and had started to like. He took me to his friends house where him and 3 other guys locked me in a room and beat me, drugged me , raped me and cut me open. After two months I finally convinced one of them to take me outside where I screamed and ran towards the nearest group of people I could find in a close by parking lot. It was the worst thing I’ve ever experienced.

Shocked, aren’t you? This was all about the “ Kidnapped And Escaped Stories “. If you want to read more, click here. If you know any ” Kidnapped And Escaped Stories “, then let us know in the comment section below.

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