Here Are 7 Money Saving Secrets That These Young People Shared With Us To Save During Wedding Parties!

money saving secrets during wedding

About to get married and wedding plans on the cards?

Well, read on!

These days, in the era of absolute show-off and huge displays, people tend to go all out during the wedding parties they throw.

And weddings not only rob one’s pocket like anything and leaves one sulking on the meaningless expenses that were made during the exorbitant parties, they also steal away the charm of starting a happy life immediately after. Even a small, intimate affair can become a drain on your finances.

Here, some of our friends who happen to be recent brides, and that probably is the reason they could share the most workable tips, shared their money sharing secrets with us.

Here are 7 money saving secrets that these young girls shared with us to save during wedding parties! which we are sharing with you.

  1. “Getting married in a community hall, rather than a banquet is usually half the expense. Find out a decent community hall in your area and make good use of it” – Said Natasha Verghese, Freelance Make-up Artist From Mumbai.


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