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Bar Dancers

Bar Dancers – Banning bar dancing was one of the major even happened in Mumbai.

Many people don’t consider dance bars as a good place, they believed that dance bars are like a spot for crime. On the other hand, the bar dancers say that it is their profession and there is nothing bad in it. For the dancers, it is everything because they earn their daily bread from it.

Simply there are mix beliefs about this profession, well! we are no one to say whether it is wrong or right. After all, it gives employment to thousands of girls.

Bar Dancers

Despite the subjective opinions on bar dancing, it is finally banned in Mumbai. The decision came out after a long battle. With this, the decision thousands of bar dancers became unemployed overnight. A majority of the bar dancers belongs to rural families, but after becoming unemployed, most of them have returned to their hometowns. And the bitter reality is that the remaining ones who have not returned to their hometowns have painted themselves in the swamp of prostitution.

Due to the ban on bar dancing, girls who used to make thousands every day, are now not even able to earn their daily bread.

Bar Dancers

A long legal battle was fought to resume the bar dance again. But the dancers do not have enough amount of money or knowledge to fight a legal battle for their rights.

Seeing such exploitation of bar dancers, a man came into action and started fighting for their rights, in the end, the man won and got the rights of bar dancers secure. Since the bar dancers have won the case, there is no room for the happiness of bar dancers. This was the biggest battle of their life, after all, it was a question of their life and survival.

Bar Dancers

Now the court has allowed the dance bars again to be opened. But let us also tell you that the court has also applied a new set of rules. The new rules and guidelines have been made with a security point of view, according to the new rules, nobody can touch the dancers without his or her consent and their dancing floor should be distinguished beforehand and no outsiders will be allowed to enter in their personal space. The major change was the installation of CCTV in every bar.

Let us tell you that the person who brought this new light to the life of bar dancers and fought for them was Manjeet Singh Sethi, President Of Bar Dancers Association. The man has brought a new ray of hope in the life of bar dancers.

Manjit had asked the court to reconsider the court’s decision by putting a petition. The case went too long and in the end, Manjeet got the victory.

Bar Dancers

It is not the first time when Majeet took stand for the bar dancers, he has fought for their rights and security in the past as well.

Mafia Don Daud Ibrahim‘s right hand, Chota Shakeel has attacked Manjeet for not paying the amount of ransom. But Manjeet didn’t take his steps back even after the attack and finally achieved his goal. However, he started keeping two bodyguards with him.

Manjit Singh Sethi is no less than a godfather for the bar dancers.

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