The Concept Of Fasting During “Karva Chauth” Is BENEFICIAL For Both Husband And WIFE – Here’s How!

Fasting During Karva Chauth

Fasting During Karva Chauth – When someone says “Karva Chauth”, “Fasting” comes into our mind. Indian Women fasting during Karva Chauth is a popular thing. Fasting during Karva Chauth is done not just by Married Indian women but also by unmarried ones. Firstly, those who have no idea behind the story of Karva Chauth can read this. I’m sure that you’re aware of that popular saying “Fasting increases husband’s LIFE-SPAN”, right? So, it is been said that when an Indian women fast (12 hours approx.) then it means that her husband will live many years.

That’s a good thing, right? Many believe it. But do you know, that Fasting is equally important and plays a positive role in women’s LIFE as well? You might ask “How?” Let me explain, fasting actually cures the disease of body and it also pure’s the digestive system. In short, it is a training given to the body so that it becomes strong when caught in DIFFICULT moments. Well, recently, I came across a blog and it explains the importance of fasting very beautifully. First, it explain that Fasting indeed detoxifies body entirely. It improves body from inside by making cells, organs and tissues healthier. So overall, Fasting helps women to be strong and thus this indirectly increases their LIFE.

So, it is absolutely beneficial for the women. Now the question is, how does it helps Indian men? How does their life increases? Here’s the explanation “When a women Fast, the reproductive longevity in her increases and then it results into increasing the potential for more sexual stamina. Once the sexual stamina increases in women then this later benefits their husbands, which in turn means, men is going to have higher life expectancy due to increase in sexual activity.

There are many who will not believe in this but also, there are many explanations given to explain the idea behind ancient Indian’s thought. Karva Chauth, in the end, brings husband and wife together and tighten their bond. It is a ritual that is practiced and it’ll continue for years to come. In modern century, not many women believe in this ritual but there are many who still continue practicing it. Also, Karva Chauth is not the only day when a women Fasts, but there are many other days in a year where a women practices fasting.

This was all about the concept of fasting during Karva Chauth. 

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