Rid Loneliness ‘“ Life is Not That Complicated!

How to get out of loneliness – Is loneliness just a psychological (and physical) state, wherein the person cowers back into their shell? Or is it something more?

What is loneliness?

Is it just a psychological (and physical) state, wherein the person cowers back into their shell? Or is it something more?

As per statistics, loneliness affects 40% of the human world population at some point of time in life. The reason for this seclusion varies from person to person.

People usually do not take loneliness seriously, as they use “the lad will come back strong”, as defence.

Wait till you read certain truths about loneliness to learn how truly devastating it is.

The number of friends in your social circle or your relationship status has nothing to do with loneliness. It entirely depends on how you project these relations. You and your friends are reliant on one another for happiness. So, stop being a prick and connect with everyone them.

Another startling revelation connected to loneliness is that more than 60% of lonely people are married. Yes, you read it right. I can never comprehend with married people feeling lonesome. Hey, you have everything – a good paying job, a doting husband/wife and maybe a kid. Again, maintaining deep connection is important. Visiting the brothel for “experience” is not an option.

Are you aware that loneliness can prevent you from pursuing relationships further, in the process pushing you further into the world of solitude? If your friends become hesitant in approaching you, matters can become worse for you.

Human behaviour is such that people can easily tell the depressed ones from the jovial populace. The social media platform is contagious and blurting your emotions there can only be more damaging. You will definitely find another person who is as lonely as you are; connect with them. It’s a good old maths solution – negative combined with negative makes positive.

Increased blood pressure and cholesterol levels are effects that make people’s body feel under attack during loneliness. On such instances, they often take up binge eating or drinking, hoping it would help balance out their diet; the experience only brings about a negative impact on health.

It has also been noted that college-going students experience bouts of depression and loneliness, which results in poor reaction to flu shots. Are you kidding me? Can ‘college life’ and ‘loneliness’ be even used in a single sentence?…I know it can, but get the gist. College students are being provided everything by their elders. College time is a phase for enjoyment (and studies, of course) and pressure has to be the last thing on the students’ minds.

To put it plainly, loneliness is equally dangerous to smoking a cigarette. Over time, chronic loneliness increases people’s health risk by 14% and should not be ignored.

Individuals often describe life as being unfair and complicated. I would like to sum this up by including a great quote on life by the great George Carlin – “Life is not that complicated. You get up, you go to work, eat three meals, you take one good shit and go back to bed. Where’s the mystery?”

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