Is Dawood Ibrahim Really Dead After Undergoing Brain Tumor Surgery?

Dawood Ibrahim

No kidding, we all know who Dawood Ibrahim is.

The whole world knows him. He is one of the most notorious Underworld Dons of all times. He had engineered the dangerous Mumbai Blast of 1993.

There was a time when the whole of India and Middle East wore their hearts on the sleeves in fear of this extremely influential yet notorious man. He was once in the news every day for his deeds or misdeeds. He has been in the news recently but not for the usual reasons.

Rumors say that Dawood Ibrahim has been seriously ill for quite some time now. He was admitted to the hospital in Karachi on Friday after suffering a massive cardiac arrest. However, there seems to be some questions that arisen regarding his illness. An initial report had claimed that he indeed had a heart attack and was on the ventilator for a few days. Another report claimed that e had brain tumor, the surgery of which had failed, thereby causing in his death.

Few other flying rumors have been heard that he is suffering from gangrene of limbs and is fighting for life and that he is not responding to treatment and is on his death-bed. Chhota Shakeel, the second in command and right-hand man of Dawood Ibrahim, however, has rendered all reports and rumors null and void. He claims that Dawood is hale and hearty and is not fighting for his life at all.

Many people has posted on Twitter that Dawood was seriously ill and has been admitted to the hospital after suffering a heart attack while at his residence at Clifton Road, Karachi. Reportedly, a large crowd was seen in front of Iqbal Kaska, Dawood’s brother’s house in South Mumbai.

Though Pakistan has vehemently denied that Dawood resides in the country, it is being said that if Dawood dies in Pakistan there is a very thin chance that his body will be brought over to India for the burial.

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