Learn About Elon Musk’s Time Management Method

The successful people have one thing in common, time managing skills. Their routine is insane, perhaps they work double the time as us. Of course, they have ascended to success by means of their hard work and thinking in the right order. They have mastered the skill of remaining focused amidst the worldly chaos. Elon Musk, among those successful people deserves a special mention here because he has taken Tesla to an unprecedented high. He has proved his business acumen time and again which leaves us wondering what is his secret!

People like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Jack Ma made a killing by utilizing their time and money skillfully. We will introduce you to a time management method here which is called the ‘Time-Boxing’ method. Okay, here’s the deal, imagine your entire day in blocks. We mean, the tasks that you have to do throughout the day, manage them in blocks. You will have a lot of organized lifestyle this way. Well, they naysayers have always argued that the method of Time-Boxing turns you into a Robot but frankly, the success of people like Elon Musk leaves the same naysayers green-eyed.

Time-Boxing it is a highly coveted time management method that allocates fixed time period to the follower. It is used during high-end project planning ventures too. With Time-Boxing, your whole day’s schedule are separated into small time periods or time boxes, with each part having its own deliverables. In short, these time boxes are the independent variables of a whole schedule.

You will be surprised to know that Elon Musk spends four days in a week with his children. That is really surprising in view of Elon Musk’s busy schedule. According to the information extracted from his interviews, he doesn’t spend 80% of his time upon corporal strategies. He instead devotes most of his time into designing and engineering which keeps his creative side active. He adheres to Time-Boxing technique and everything in his schedule is preplanned.

In short, with Time-Boxing, you can assign fixed amounts of time for each work and integrate them in your daily schedule. This is synonymous to breaking down your schedule in the most effective and productive way. If you don’t organize your time, you are likely to have a lot of unstructured free time. So, if you plan everything in advance, you won’t have to spend time figuring what you are going to do next. Besides, when you have a limited amount of time, you will look forward to using them productively than wasting them.

Take a white board and write down your daily plans on them. Estimate the amount of time that each of your task will require and write it down there. Also, your smartphones offer you some apps to assist you in Time-boxing. For example, there is an app called 30-30 in iPhone with which lets you set the specific time you are going to need for a task. It is like building a little itinerary which helps you manage your schedule skillfully.

So, in case if you are squandering a lot of time and things are going pell-mell, Time-Boxing will help you remain organized.

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