Quirkiest Ways To Quit Smoking Now

Quit smoking

Quit smoking – your many visits to the cardiologist, you have been asked by him to quit smoking ASAP which always falls into deaf ears.

The cardiologist too perhaps lost all hopes that you will need a bypass surgery soon, much to his profit. Then there are television commercials featuring Mukesh scares the shit out of you and you feel like PK from a different planet when people side eye you for smoking in a public place. To sum up, your smoking habits are causing a lot of troubles in your health, social and professional life and you want to make yourself detached to the white beast with filter before a major heart disease emerges.

Who knows if you will be born as human again in the next incarnation? so no point dying so soon, that too for cigarette.

Here, we have brainstormed some quirkiest ways to quit smoking now:

Work in an oil refinery:

To tell you, in a oil refinery it is criminal to smoke and you can barely light even one cigarette during your duty hours. The ones who work in oil refineries are barely smokers, even if they were, they would quit naturally.

Stay with your parents:

Your mom’s nose can give any smoke detector a run for its money so when you are staying with them, your smoking is likely to be in limits or none at all.

Watch a lot of movies:

When you watch a lot of movies in the theatres, you will have to sit through the anti-smoking advertisement of Mukesh which will fill you with fear, disgust, feeling to pee or throw up. But sadly, you will have to watch it. This emotional torture will finally help you make your mind for bidding adieu to cigarettes once and for all.

Eat a lot:

We know, a many of you were smoking to curb hunger but dear, this brings a summon of early death. So, eat to curb the urge of smoking instead. In this due course, you can eat Biriyani, Cheesecake, Chocolates to your heart’s content without feeling guilty. Take a deep breath and start eating, surround yourself with food and have a gala time hopping the restaurants. Don’t stop munching until cigarette takes the back seat. You can do it, so go for it! calories can be dealt with later.

Make an honest list:

In continuation to the previous point, we urge you to make an honest list of the things you like about smoking and eat it too so that you have no excuses left. Smoking is mental pleasure for many people and this one applies to them a lot.

ways to Quit smoking – So smokers, try these fun ways  because dry gyaan will freak you out!

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