#IsiliyeModi: When NaMo Fans Stormed Twitter In His Support

Modi’s popularity chart is on display at twitter where he has been trending continuously from a week.

Bhartiya Janata Party’s prime ministerial candidate and Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi’s popularity chart is on an all time high. While he was busy addressing rallies in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, his fans were storming twitter showing their support. Modi has been on the Twitter trend chart continuously for a whole week now.

Initially it was a case of trolling by AAP supporters which backfired after NaMo fans changed the tone of their hastag #YoGujSoDeveloped from a sarcastic one to a supportive one. The two rallies that Modi addressed in Lucknow and Mujaffarpur came as a bonus as two hastags – #NaMoinLucknow and #NaMoinBihar – trended consecutively for two days.

In his Mujaffarpur rally, Modi displayed his dismay over his critics in strong words.

“Modi kehta hai mehngai ko roko, woh kehte hain Modi ko roko. Modi kehta hai bhrastachar ko roko, who kehte hain Modi ko roko. Modi kehta hai maa behno par atyaachar roko, who kehte hain Modi ko roko. Modi kehta hai anyay ko roko, who kahte hain Modi ko roko. Hamara ek hi agenda hai: vikas, unka ek hi agenda hai Modi ka vinash,” he said. (Modi says stop the price rise, they say stop Modi. Modi says stop corruption, they say stop Modi. Modi says stop atrocities against mothers and sisters, they say stop Modi. Modi says stop injustice against your own people, they say stop Modi. We are driven by the singular agenda of development, they are driven by singular agenda of destroying Modi).

This now has started a massive support campaign for him on twitter where his fans have creatively given answers as to why they want to see Modi as their prime minister. While some just wrote one liners, many attached supporting media as a proof of Modi’s workmanship and administrative ability.

Here are some of the tweets:



















As political writer Sanjay Singh said in his article, Indira Gandhi had displayed ‘one verses many’ sentiment to her followers when she had said “woh kehte hain Indira hatao, main kehti hoon garibi hatao” (They say remove Indira, I say remove poverty). This has swung the popular tide in her favour four decades ago.

With Modi, knowingly or unknowingly, doing the same, should we expect to see him in the PMO three months down the lane?

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