Cholesterol ! We Need To Control !

LDL cholesterol  – Cholesterol is a fat or lipid produced by the liver that does not dissolve in water, which is necessary for the formation of cell membranes, hormones and also vitamin D.

Cholesterols are of two types LDL and HDL, bad cholesterol and good cholesterol, respectively.

Unhealthy lifestyle including food and sleeping habits leads to the “LDL” cholesterol in your body. If there is LDL cholesterol increase in your body that may lead to several heart diseases, fatigue or obesity. LDL cholesterol flows throughout the blood in the body to the heart and therefore may cause health problems to arteries leading to heart attacks and strokes.

Increase in LDL cholesterol can lead to reduced blood flow by the narrowing of the arteries, a layer of fat or lipids start forming above the original layer of arteries which does not dissolve in the body and finally creating obstruction the flow of blood. The cells may also be stored with this LDL cholesterol which turns to make complications to the human body.

Exercises or workouts:

Physical activities are highly required to reduce the fat in your body or blood. So in our recent lifestyle has almost reduced due to our desktop jobs and easy ride of cars or bikes. The entire day of hard work, investing time in our job to make more fruitful career leads to late sleep and unhealthy food habits. This leads to the formation of unwanted cholesterol accumulation in the body.

LDL cholesterol

In order to burn fat physical activities or regular workouts are necessary to burn the fat within the body. Workouts can help in reducing the fat and also the weight of the body which can help in reducing the bad cholesterol in the body. Common activities if exercises are not possible then taking a walk around the path or climbing the steps to home are few of the easy ways to work on reducing your body fat and cholesterol.

Foods that lower cholesterol.

Control your food habits. Not only because you have increased bad cholesterol in the body but prevention is better than cure. Always try to maintain a balanced diet but in the case of  LDL cholesterol few food habits should be taken care:

LDL cholesterol

Soluble Fiber

Fiber that can be easily digested which will not cause difficulty in digestions such as oats, seeds, nuts. Vegetable with soluble fibers are broccoli, turnips, carrots can be should be taken, apart from it avocados, kidney beans including fruits apples, guavas are soluble fibers.

Polyunsaturated fats

Concentrate on eating Polyunsaturated fats that lower the fat or lipid formation in the body while your body has bad cholesterol, it enables the body to absorbs minerals and vitamins.

Monounsaturated Fats

Reduce the fat in the body through the help of monosaturated fats reducing the risks of heart diseases and inflammations in the body. Monosaturated fat-rich foods are Avocados, nuts, sesame oil and olive oil are beneficial to the body.

Cholesterol or health checkup is important in order to reduce the chances of our body to suffer from diseases. Early cholesterol detection will help your body to reduce or control cholesterol in your body.

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