How To Lower Your Cholesterol Level Without Taking Medicines?

How To Lower Your Cholesterol

How To Lower Your Cholesterol

Higher cholesterol level can be really daunting at times at it begets heart attacks. But then the brighter side of the fact is that you can lower your cholesterol level.

There are ways by which you can lower your bad LDL level and increase your good HDL level. There are a few lifestyle changes that ensure a sharp drop in the cholesterol level.

If you embark upon a routine to reduce your cholesterol level through home remedies, you need to be really patient and disciplined about it to optimize the results.

The improvements are likely to be seen from 6 weeks to 3 months. Also, you require to introduce some small changes in your daily routine to make it work.

Taking drugs for curing cholesterol have its own range of side-effects so we urge you to follow the below-mentioned routine if you want to keep cholesterol at bay without taking medication.

Hereunder are a few ways you can lower your cholesterol level at home:

How To Lower Your Cholesterol
Cholesterol is a substance that helps digest our food. Our body automatically generates the amount of cholesterol it requires to function. The additional cholesterol flows through the bloodstream and paves way for detrimental coronary heart diseases.
1. For reducing cholesterol level you require trimming fat content from your diet at the earliest. You are urged to consume food enriched with omega-3 fatty acids that take care of your heart health.
2. Indulge in regular exercising, mostly aerobic exercises like cycling, swimming, free hand exercises, running, walking, jogging etc that lower the risk of additional cholesterol formation in your body up to 10%.
3. You need to engage more soluble fibers in your food to lower the cholesterol level. Introduce foods like oats, eggplants, apple, barley, oranges in your diet to keep cholesterol in check.
4. You should avoid consuming alcohol for lowering your cholesterol level too. Most doctors would opine against alcohol consumption if you are afflicted with high cholesterol.
These are the ways you can make your life a little healthier and clamp down your cholesterol level without taking drugs.

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