5 Kinds Of Reality Check You Get Once You Start Working

Kinds of reality check

Kinds of reality check – Most of us, while growing up, are told that once you finish school or college, you do not have to worry about anything and your life is set.

But, that is far from being the truth. In fact, the real struggle in life starts once your student life is over. When you start working, you learn to become responsible as you realise you are on your own and if you need to sail through this, you need to have nerves of steel.

Here are 5 kinds of reality check you get once you start working.

  1. Working hours

In common parlance, we describe working hours as operating between 9 am and 5pm. The reality is that in today’s times no company or organisation will let you go after working for eight hours in a day. If you thought spending seven to eight hours in college and listening to lecture was tough, when you start working you have to put double the effort and longer working hours to accommodate all the wok that would be assigned to you.

  1. Developing social skills

A large part of how you progress in your professional life depends on your relationship with the people around you. Being cordial to your colleagues is not enough. You have to make a sincere effort to socialise with them beyond the call of duty and make them your friends. A good and healthy relationship with your colleagues is the key to climbing up the ladder in your professional life as well.

  1. Being good at your work is not enough

You might have heard your elders saying that doing smart work is more important than doing hard work. You have to put all your efforts towards doing good work but then, it is important to do it smartly. Do not overburden yourself by doing by doing stuff that is not important.  Make sure the effort and hard work you are putting in does not go unnoticed. People around you must acknowledge the work you are doing and the ale you are adding to the organisation.

Kinds of reality check

  1. Office politics

There are very few people in the world who like to see others doing well in their lives. Most people are jealous and feel insecure of others’ success. It might seem harsh and pessimistic but it is the truth.  You must accept it wholeheartedly before you start working. There will be some good people who will help you but most of them won’t. Workplaces are synonymous with politics; everybody wants to outdo the other person. You cannot escape this and learn to fight it out bravely.

Kinds of reality check

  1. Being clever is important

You might be do-gooder who believes in helping people out and working as a sincere, honest employee. While you should not resort to unscrupulous means to achieve your goals, being a little clever while doing things is not a bad idea at all. You have tomake your moves carefully while interacting with people around you in the office and dealing with external clients.

Kinds of reality check

These are the kinds of reality check – Before you started working, even though life was tough, you saw the future with rose-tinted glasses. You dreamt of a well-paying job, a healthy love-life and a stable future. While all that is achievable, it takes a lot of hard work and perseverance to reach there.

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