If You Are Ambitious Women In India, Be Prepared For These Eight Struggles!

Ambitious women in India

Ambitious women in India – We all are ambitious, aren’t we!? Yes, we are! The word ‘we’ includes women too. They are no exceptional case.

They are getting educated equally and so why should some social evil like discrimination stop them from being ambitious.  Sorry for the world that feel that women to be confined to just marriage-home-kitchen.

They are no different species that they should be confined to home.

Here we present you some struggles for Ambitious women in India get to face in their lives. Keep reading!

Ambitious women in India –

  1. Made to study hard and when she gets a job, she is pressurised to get married.

I just don’t understand what runs in the minds of parents. They say that they would love to see their children well settled, and when the time really comes, they ask her to become a home maker. Hmm, this makes me feel that a lot of discrimination starts at home.

  1. Have to balance between work and personal life.

Yes, they are always reminded about how they to balance their lives. And, sometimes when it get’s here and there, the society around love to point at them. How mean!!

  1. Hours of work.

This could be another aspect that really bothers people, more than it does to the women herself. The world of corporate sector loads of people with heck of work load and that doesn’t need to be understood in wrong way peps.

  1. There could be only promotions when a woman is beautiful.

What! This is ridiculous. Promotions and beauty of women can never be related. It would be completely wrong to think that only a women who is beautiful would have exciting promotions. Promotion is decided with the work that is rendered and the hard work.

  1. Motherhood

After being a mother to a little child, a women is expected to completely there to look after her and nothing else like a job or any other do. It is to be noted that the super talented and ambitious mothers can balance them both.

  1. Leadership issues that arises, just because the leader is a women.

Why can’t a women be a team leader?! She would be the best for all the other teammates instead of having a dumb leader, who keeps yelling for no reason.

  1. Sometimes, it might even get tougher to find your partner – as they are many men that are scared of women who are highly successful than them.

There is no point in shaming away just because the woman whom you are going to marry is highly educated and well settled higher designation.

  1. Women all of a sudden are regarded to be bitches, for just be bold.

Damn, so is it that just because the gender is women – they shouldn’t be bold enough. Is being bold just the matter of men alone!? Well I don’t think so.

These are so really back pulling things that the ambitious women in India in achieving the set up goals for the life. Never mind women, be brave – don’t let your dreams just go away – don’t give them up. 

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