How Technology Is Creating Employment For The Educated And Unemployment For The Illiterate!

Technology VS Employment – Technology is fast replacing manual labor and it is the uneducated section of the society that suffers the most.

With massive advancements in technology in the last decade, there has been a paradigm shift in the way the world operates.

Be it evolution of computers, smartphones, or voice commands, technology has definitely benefitted mankind and has also created numerous career opportunities for many.

Nevertheless, there is one section of the society which is gradually losing out on its bread-winning capability owing to such rapid progress. This is primarily because hi-tech gadgets not only aim at aiding its owners, but they also at times substitute the activities carried out by humans.

Listed below are few such technological developments that have been creating jobs for the tech-savvy professionals and yet seizing the earning capacity of the less privileged:

Digital Media Vs Newspaper/CD/Book Vendors

From delivering the hottest news to online streaming of movies, the digital media gives us an access to practically everything on this world via smartphones & computers. Owing to busy schedules, people barely get a chance to read newspapers, and the simplest way to stay updated is to log on to a news site or download an app on the smartphone. Similarly, for those who are always on the go, it’s easier to read ebooks or watch movies online. With new apps & programs being created every single day across the world, there are a myriad of job opportunities in digital media industry.

However, this sector is also responsible for snatching the daily bread of newspaper vendors, video store owners, and book sellers.

Online Shopping Vs Retail Store Owners

With a surge in demand for online shopping, it is needless to say that a time will come when people may stop visiting the road side retail stores. Lucrative deals coupled with the convenience of products being delivered at the doorstep makes online shopping experience a breeze.

Of course, there is a massive requirement of professionals for upkeep & maintenance of the site, customer care, and much more.  

Driverless Car Vs Car Drivers

With Google unveiling its self-driving car prototype early this year, we will soon have cars driven by a computer or robot. Instead of fallible humans behind the wheel, these autonomous cars possess the latest technology to help a passenger reach his or her destination.

Obviously, this comes as a huge shock for car drivers who have been in this profession since years.    

The truth is that every break-through in technology may produce new career opportunities as well as make some jobs extinct. However, the big question is that are we ready to sacrifice on the human touch for the sake of being technologically advanced in almost every aspect of life?

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