Kuku Mathur Ki Jhand Ho Gayi, Movie Review: It Is A Full Blast Entertainer!

Movie review of Kuku Mathur Ki Jhand Ho Gayi. Talking about the weird names used in the film titles, Delhi backdrop and advent of new talent in the film industry backed up by Ekta Kapoor

Before we get on with the movie review let us pour our candid views about the title!

There was a time when movies use to have single-word titles. Slowly the norms changed and titles started to get longer by a word or two and then got even longer. But now a day, film titles have become weird and as long as a full sentence! I guess film-makers are trying to test our collective memories. Kuku Mathur Ki Jhand Ho Gayi falls in one such category.

But as the crazy title suggests, movie is weird and fun as well.

Like many other recent movies such as Fukrey and Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye, this flick directed by Aman Sachdeva is also shot in Delhi’s backdrop. Delhi is fast catching up with tinsel-town directors for its vibrant, fun-loving characters, larger than life existence and what not. Some people might feel bad that Delhiites are being stereotyped for being funny or having a very distinct sense of humor but we would suggest not minding any of that. In fact, Delhiites should be proud of the fact that the whole country enjoys their witty one-liners and over the top ways of living!

Coming back to the movie, it has nothing new to offer in terms of story. But when it comes to nuances, those hilarious one-liners, different characters, the movie becomes total paisa-vasool! It is about a middle class colony guy, Kuku Mathur (Siddharth Gupta), who has dreams of opening his own restaurant. But he has a strict father who doesn’t support him in any of his ventures. His one and only dhai baje waala friend, rich guy Ronnie(Ashish Juneja) also shifts tracks after starting his own shop of matching blouse and petticoat! Now that is one interesting business, at least for guys, don’t you think??

Of course Kuku achieves his dream, but only after getting help from his cousin, Prabhakar (Amit Sail). Now, Prabhakar has his own agenda for which he uses Kuku. And our poor boy is left to wonder, “meri phir se jhand ho gayi?” There is an interesting track where Kuku works as an assistant on a film’s shoot where we really get to see how everyone is out to take his case, royally!! His one-sided love for Simran, even his simple world-view makes him get in a situation where he becomes the butt of jokes. Always being ridiculed for every action of his, Kuku as a character will find many takers. After all, we all have someone in our life whom we love to make fun of, pull their legs, don’t we??

Hats off to Ekta Kapoor for sparing us from her usual Saas-Bahu saga in the movies and providing us with this wholesome entertainer. By supporting such a project, she has also given opportunity to some new but amazing actors who have performed brilliantly. Just that if the story could have been meatier, the film would have become a classic! But it is still worth a watch.

Go ahead, take your friends along and enjoy the jhand-game. And create some of your own ways of doing your best friend’s jhand, of course for a friendly trifle!!

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