India Country That Makes Vegans Life Excitingly Easier

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While you travel through countries such as the Philippines, Cuba, France, one can easily observe that sustaining for vegans are really difficult. India is a diversified country with not only different religions but also people in various areas and languages. Vegans life is easier similar to the non-vegan have the liberty to choose their own kind of delicacies and foods.

So, for an Indian, it is not difficult for a vegan to survive neither for a non-vegan. Contrarily it is easier for a foreigner to enjoy the vegan dishes and the non-vegans. India has the highest rate of vegans to approximately 37 percent in the entire world. On the other hand, Ethiopia has no meat almost around the year according to their religious prohibition.

So, if you visit Ethiopia, stay prepared to survive and enjoy the vegetarian dishes as no kind of meat is available in the country for most of the time due to religious fasting. Good times can be for the vegans from the different part of the country who can visit this place. Vegans should think twice to travel to places like the Philippines, Cuba, and France as foods are mostly on pieces of red meat. But due to the foreigners and their demand for vegan items few restaurants provide some.  The difference between vegetarian and non –veg are not clear to them, and so it is complicated to find out the exact item for the travelers.

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India place of the exciting vegans’ life

Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Haryana have the highest rate of vegetarians, they depend on vegetables and cereals of different types. Best vegetarian foods have inspired many to eat vegetables and depend less on non-vegetarian foods. Traveling through different parts foods on the street side stalls and restaurants that have to vary in tastes based on the culture. Vegans life and foods that are two to three-time delicious than the preparation of meats and eggs recipes that inspire people of India.

  • Stuffed Mushrooms
  • Mushroom Kofta
  • Tofu
  • Beans prepared dishes
  • Veggie Burgers

And many more, a list of healthy and tasty recipes which are prepared, not only Indians cherish the food but also it accomplishes the taste of meats. High in protein, these foods are the best replacements and also no chances of being hungry quite often when moving down the streets of the country. Flavors are unique that will touch the soul apart from filling the stomach. Diverting to Vegans life will not be disheartening if the qualities and quantity are satisfying the belly and soul.

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This is possible because of the sources of spices and various vegetables grown in diverse parts of the country. Cereals, millets, along with the crops that grow around the years. Amazing dishes with the benefits of minerals, vitamins, above all it enables them to keep the body hydrated that the non-vegan foods mostly lack. Maybe a real veggie burger with the thick layer of crispiness, vegetables, and leaves that can overtake a lamb burger with radish Slaw, vegans life surely to be the best.

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