Modi Hits The Campaign Trail In Haryana And Maharshtra, This Time As Prime Minister

There was not much change in the dreams that Modi sold to Haryana and Maharashtra, but there was a change in the tone.

With few days remaining to the assembly elections in Maharashtra and Haryana, Narendra Modi has hit the campaign trail.

But this time, as Prime Minister.

There was not much change in the dreams that Modi sold to Haryana and Maharashtra, but there was a change in the tone.

The Prime Minister promised both the states a growth trajectory that has not seen even by Gujarat.

He slammed the Congress government in the states and said that it was important for people to take forward the message of ‘Congress-mukt’ India by making BJP win in the assembly elections.

Again, by invoking a sense of nationalism, he tried to woo the people. But he did not say it with the demeanour of a man wanting to do something, asking to make him the “chowkidaar”, but with the pride of receiving love of the people.

“Why has India’s pride increased today? It is not because of Modi, it is because 125 crore people of India have formed a stable and strong government in Delhi.

This is your magic not Modi’s magic.

Do you want that Haryana’s name also echo around the world.

“Its first condition is that there should be ‘Congress mukt Haryana’. The second that a stable government with full majority should be formed. And third, there should be a government which lets Modi work in Haryana,” the Indian Express quoted him saying.

Attacking the ruling Congress in the state, Modi said that those who could not do anything for the last 60 years were now asking for his record in 60 days.

Modi described the ruling Congress as “anti-farmer”. He, like always, shed inhibitions when heasked people whether they would likethe State being governed from jail. It should be noted that INLD president and former Chief Minister Om Prakash Chautala, who has been sentenced in the teachers recruitment scam, is out on bail on health grounds and he has reportedly said that he would take oath as the next CM from Tihar Jail.

Similarly, in Maharashtra, the Prime Minister began by saying that Congress and NCP have ruined the state over the years. “For 15 years Congress-NCP were in power, but did any good happen to Maharashtra? What did the state gain and what did the people of Maharashtra has gain? They are not Rashtravadi (nationalist) but Bhrashtacharvadi (corrupt) people,”  he said.

Addressing the public at Beed, he remembered his lost friend late Gopinath Munde and said that crowd at the rally was a result of the leader’s hard work.

However, he refrained from attacking former ally Shiv Sena. Though, he urged people to vote for BJP and help it form a government with clear majority in the state.

There are only 10 days remaining till the assembly elections in Maharashtra. With a four cornered fight, BJP is hoping to ride the magical waves again and see victory washing away the minor losses of assembly bypolls in many states.

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