#AAPKaManifesto: Nothing Exciting In AAP’s Kitty

The only interesting promises that are included in the manifesto are bringing down the minimum age to contest Lok Sabha elections from 25 to 21 and decriminalization of gay sex.

The Aam Aadmi Party released its manifesto for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections on Thursday. The 26-page manifesto can be called just an extension to their Delhi manifesto with same old promises like bringing an effective Janlokpal Bill, establishing Mohalla and Gram Sabhas and Citizen’s Charter for time-bound delivery of services. The party has even included withdrawal of the four year undergraduate programme in its manifesto.

The old promises of bringing “Right to recall” and “Right to reject” and proposal to bring political parties under the purview of RTI Act have also been included in the manifesto. Even increasing the number of judges, which was a part of Delhi manifesto, has been included.

While many states already have Citizen’s Charter in place, which are functioning quite effectively, Lokpal Bill was passed by the UPA government without any opposition from the principal opponent BJP in the winter session last year. With Panchayat system already functioning in the country, what and how Gram Sabhas will work will be a matter to see. The problem with party’s earlier promise of Mohalla Sbahas was that the party planned to give them financial freedom which was opposed not only by political parties but political and economic experts as well.

The party speaks of bringing 33 percent women reservation in parliament and state legislature which, again, is a process ongoing for many years. If AAP manages to build a consensus among political parties, if it comes to power, it will be a great thing which will cement their position in national political scenario.

The party also promises to bring back black money stashed in foreign countries which has become an important issue among the public. The issue is one of the main election plank of BJP and it has been actively working towards it for quite some time.

AAP has already cleared its position on FDI saying that it is against it in some particular sectors. The manifesto of the party reaffirms its position that AAP is “industry friendly” as creation of wealt is essential for overall development but against crony capitalism. The party did not say much about job creation as promised by BJP and Congress.

On the issue of Jammu and Kashmir, one which had driven the party into trouble, the party has taken the popular stand. It has said that “it is an integral part of India and there would be zero tolerance towards cross border terrorism.” In addition to that, the party has said in the manifesto that it believes in a long term approach of decentralization and devolution of power, which would give people of Kashmir the ability to make decisions for their own development.

On foreign policy, the party manifesto speaks mostly about ending political hostilities from the immediate neigbourhood and advocates friendly relations with all the countries. The party speaks of developing border areas zones of high economic engagements to create a larger constituency for peace on both sides. The AAP manifesto promises to enhance the defence capacity to deter the border incursions by China.

The party speaks of installing CCTVs in police stations, interrogation rooms and court rooms to enhance transparency apart from promising electoral, judicial and police reforms.

The only interesting promises that are included in the manifesto are bringing down the minimum age to contest Lok Sabha elections from 25 to 21 and decriminalization of gay sex.

AAP, which was formed in November 2012, is contesting about 430 seats out of the 543 parliamentary seats at stake. The party which is aiming at becoming a national party needed to put more in its manifesto. For a leader, Arvind Kejriwal has been consistently making politically incorrect decisions. With its leaders leaving the party, returning their tickets and facing severe criticism, AAP’s manifesto fails to woo the middle class which is its base.

The party’s ratings are dipping consistently and the Delhi episode has left people fuming. The party needed to do something more exciting.

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