Stereotypes About #BengaliGirls

Stereotypes about Bengali Girls – Stereotypes attached to Bengali women, thanks to our Bollywood industry are so strong that if you do not fall in that ‘œbracket’ then you are considered #PseudoBong

Born in a Bengali family and not adhering to the so called ‘rules’ that Bengalis are supposed to follow doesn’t make a person a lesser Bong.

Stereotypes attached to Bengali women, thanks to our Bollywood industry are so strong that if you do not fall in that “bracket” then you are considered #PseudoBong

I have often heard people saying, “You don’t look like a Bong”.

People have a specific image of Bengalis especially Bengali women. As if they are expecting them to look like Aishwarya in Devdas.

I mean is it written in some invisible script that the girl is a Bengali?

Listing some stereotypes about Bengali women:

Not every Bengali girl’s name is ‘Mishti’

Seriously just because we have a ‘daak naam’ (nick name) and are highly associated to sweets doesn’t mean that our name or nick name would be ‘Mishti’.

Even if the girl’s nature might be sweet still how does it imply that her name is ‘Mishti’?

People say it with so much confidence as if they were present during the naming ceremony. Even if they have to address some would just directly address saying, “that Bengali chick…Mishti something her name might be…” I mean seriously it astonishes me to understand the level of confidence with which they just presume the name to be “Mishti”.

Not every Bengali girl is from Kolkata or has her hometown in #Kolkata.

This is one question all the Bengali girls having roots in NorthEast are tired of explaining.

Guys please go back to your History books. During partition lot of Bengalis from Bangladesh migrated to India and vice versa. NorthEastern states like Assam, Tripura, etc. have lot of Bengalis.

It is quite a possibility that the Bengali girl in front of you might have her roots in NorthEast

Plus it is India and Bengalis don’t necessarily have to be confined to Kolkata

Not every Bengali girl has big eyes

All those guys who have their dreamy picture of an ideal Bengali girl…

Now that is again a big assumption of the Bengali girl they have in their minds. Well not every Bengali girl has big eyes and eyelashes.

Saying this, small eyes don’t really make a girl less beautiful either.

Not every Bengali girl likes fish and sweets

If you are planning to ask a Bengali girl on a date you need to do your homework about her tastes like you would do for every other girl.

Just because she is Bong doesn’t mean you assume she would be interested in the big elish maach you are planning to order in dinner.

She might even turn out to be a vegetarian.

Or what if she likes bitter gourd and hates sweets? Your entire basket full of pastries that you got assuming she would be a sweet lover would just go waste.

Bengalis are not some species who could be classified and defined.

Although mostly we find Bengalis calling others Non-Bengalis…a demarcation that I heard only in this linguistic group.

No wonder the so called #NonBengalis make presumptions about them.

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