10 Killer Exercises For Building 3D Shoulders

The weight lifters are privy of the term called 3D shoulders which means well rounded and fuller appearing shoulders. Building 3D shoulders require utmost dedication and days of hard work from an individual. To build your 3D shoulders perfectly, you need to focus on the lateral deltoids which are the surface head of the deltoid group which plays a pivotal role in giving you boulder shoulders. The location of lateral deltoid is atop your shoulders where it is stationed between anterior and posterior deltoid muscles. Here are 10 killer exercises to build perfect 3D shoulders in a matter of months:

Seated Military Press:

You are expected to do 4 rounds with ascending weight, 8-10 repetitions in each round. The tempo should be slow when lowering and fast when up. You have to overload and work both the front and lateral deltoids until exhausted. It generates high tension in the muscles if the weight is on the heavier side.

Lateral Raise:

You are expected to do 10-15 reps with 3 sets, using 5-10 kg in each set while the tempo will be controlled. Most men do this in a wrong way so you need to be careful while doing this. Grip the dumbbells like hammer and tuck the elbows on your sides. Make sure not to make a 90 degree move or all your efforts will go in vain. Attempt to achieve 90 percent straight outward extension and not bend the elbows in the meanwhile.

Standing One Arm Arnold Press:

You are expected to do 4 sets of it with ascending weight while the repetitions will be 8-10 in each. The tempo will be controlled. You need to hold both the dumbbells ahead of your face and do Arnold presses with right hand while freezing the left hand. Now switch the hand and repeat. There should be 4 repetitions in each arm.

Face Pull:

You are expected to do 4 sets with 8-10 repetitions in each set. The tempo should be slow and moderated and squeezing should be maximum. This exercise develops your rear deltoid and not to mention, focuses on the posterior delts with equally. The grip on the rope should be supinated and put all your breath to squeeze the maximum.

Dumbbell Rear Delt Flye:

It trains your rear and side deltoids separately. You need to stand straight, legs and shoulder-width apart, move the waist forward a tad while keeping your back straight. The dumbbells should hang under your chest. Now angle wrists in a manner so that your pinky fingers are a little higher than your thumbs and you are ready to go! Lift your arms straight along the sides. The weight should be on the heavier side.


Front Plate Raises:

It is exhausting to no limit. Front Plate Raises focus on your front deltoids. Keep your hand in front of you while holding a barbell plate and lift forward. You have got to raise it above the eye level so that you can peak through the hole, at least. The repetitions should be 15 with weight on the heavier side.


Dumbbell High Pull:

The overhand grip should be slightly wider than the shoulder width. Now pull the dumbbells in alignment with your bottom towards the chest-high. The repetitions should be 12-15 with weight on the heavier side.

Try these 7 workouts at the Gym and see the change in a few months.


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