Hot Scoop from Josh Hartnett: Actor Back With New Show Post Minnesota Break

Take a kook on how Josh Hartnett vanished from his hit Hollywood stint to escape to Minnesota. Now he is back with a new show and all set to rock again!

It is not often that you come across a star who has given up on stardom.

At least not until you hear of the sexy and hot Josh Hartnett. Going back to my first experience of seeing him in the big screen, Pearl Harbor comes to mind. Yes, Hartnett stole the show from the handsome and suave Ben Affleck as well! With his weasly eyes and jaw line driving you crazy, yes, Hartnett was here to stay. With Forty Days and Forty Nights, his charismatic image of being a woman’s man came to surface.

Amid all the critical appreciation he bagged for Black Hawk Down, Hartnett was in Hollywood to STAY! But then—things seem to work against the tide. The handsome Josh chose to go back to his Minnesota ways. Yes, read that again! A star chooses to forgo his fame and success to get his life back on a track where he begun!

Doing the invisibility cloaks is not a mean feat at a time when the paparazzi seem to know more about stars than their own sleeves. In fact, Hartnett is completely at ease with his decision and says that he is back to doing indie roles and queuing up for auditions. He says that putting a brake on life and luxury meant that he regained his lost relationship with his high school sweetheart and old friends too. Not many think on such lines but when the actor quips that he felt lonely at the top, most of us could relate to what he means.

The most shocking revelation that came about with this snippet on Hartnett is that the actors has gone in record stating  that he refused movies such as Batman, Spiderman and Superman too! Whoa that calls for amazing gutsiness more than anything. In fact, he has faced flak for such decisions in the form of quibbling managers and unhappy agents. The actor says that he wanted to taste life as a normal human being. He loved acting and did not want to quit the game. However, he enjoyed living life freely without snapped images or frantic fans dying to catch one glimpse of him!

When quizzed on why he said no to plum franchises such as the superhero sagas we mentioned above, he says that he believed that the roles did not come with potential to define his ability. In fact, at 22 years, he felt he would be losing an entire career niche if he got stereotyped as Superman. We are familiar with his thought process and vouch for the unease that sets in once you attain one remarkable stints! That, after all, becomes the do-all of your entire life.

The good news here is that Hartnett is back from Minnesota oblivion and will be soon seen opposite Eva Green in the upcoming show Penny Dreadful. To wrap up, the better news is that he denies being a womanizer! Jokes apart, he says all that leaves you with is being a chaser. And that is one thing, we are sure, Harnett is not!

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