5 Home Remedies To Treat Sun Burn That Will Relieve Your Pain

home remedies for sun burn

Home remedies for sun burn – Summers! Whether you hate it or love it, but surely you can’t ignore it!

If you are in a country where winters prevail throughout the year, then it is the time to enjoy; beautiful blue skies, outdoor fun, swimming, and picnics.  However, beware of sunburn.

If you are in a tropical country, then summer is a tough time; scorching temperature, prickly heat, sunstroke, and sunburn.

Here are some highly effective natural home remedies for sun burn.

Home remedies for sun burn –

1 – Cool your body with Ice

Fill the bathtub with cold water and add ice cubes, add a cup of baking soda. Soak in the water for about half an hour. Use a soft towel and pat dry your body. Let it dry completely in the air. You will get immense relief.

2 – Fresh Aloe Vera extract

There is no need to use expensive Aloe Vera based creams. Simply extract gel from a freshly cut Aloe Vera leaf. Refrigerate it for one hour or so. Apply the chilled gel on the affected area. Let it dry well. Your skin will absorb the effective ingredients of the gel. Do it for two to three times for better results.

3 – Black Tea

We all have tea available in the home. Yes, this refreshing beverage contains loads of antioxidants that can create a miracle. All you need to do is; take a few teabags or normal tea powder and put it in hot water. Let it sit for a few minutes.

As it cools, soak a soft cloth in the solution and dab on the sunburn. Let it dry completely. Wash the affected area with cold water. Apply multiple times if required.

4 – Coconut oil

Coconut oil is the best moisturizer for skin that can give you a dewy and soft skin. Coconut oil is rich in fatty acids and hence serves as a best remedy on sun burnt skin. Coconut oil has Vitamin E, which will reduce inflammation. Apply oil on skin multiple times and you will get relief in no time.

5 – Yogurt

Every one of us grew up eating lots of yogurt and butter milk in summers as it has some amazing vitamins and cooling effect on the body. It’s the same when you apply to skin it gives an cooling affect.  When, you have inflammation and pain due to sunburn, yogurt on those areas for instant relief.  Apply it multiple times, rinse off with water and then gently pat the skin, this will treat the sun burns and will lessen the irritation caused due to sun burn.

These are home remedies for sun burn – Too much exposure to sun is not good for your skin as it can cause some serious damage. Toa void sub burn at first place it is vital that you apply sunscreen with SPF that ranges from 20-40. It is also important that you wear clothes that cover your body fully and wear a hat or cap.

If you are heading out of your home from morning 10-4 then be extra careful.

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