Five Strange Things That Happens To Your Body When Its Cold Outside In Winter!

Things that happens to your body when its cold

Things that happens to your body when its cold – Body tend to change and react sometime with the change in temperature and surroundings.

Well, its common that the body get exhausted during summers,you start feeling lazy and sleepy during winters. And they are lot more that happens to our body during winter. Though a lot of people are healthy and stable, even while the temperature touch high and drop to zero. Lucky are such people.

But they are a lot of people that freeze badly during winters Haha! And now winter has set to rock. Here are some strange Things that happens to your body when its cold.

Things that happens to your body when its cold –

  1. Goosebumps

The goosebumps have been working as defence mechanism in your body – to protect ourselves from bitterly cold. Goosebumps usually come when scared or thrilled. They also come when you are put to cold conditions. Then, the hair strands on the body stand erect to protect the body against the cold weather. Get mechanism of human body. Isn’t it?!

  1. Fingers shrink

The flow of blood in the body during winter is generally less comparatively. And so, the fingers during the winters seem to be smaller or little. So, I said they shrink.

  1. Muscle contractions

The lesser flow of blood also makes the leg feel the contractions and the pull. This may be painful and itchy too. The painfulness in the muscle during winters can be avoided with some amount of exercising indoor.

  1. Burn calories

Do you know the body burns more of calories in winters, compared to any other season throughout the year? Yes, not a myth – but a fact. This is because the body uses a lot of energy to stay warm, warmer, and warmest in cold.

  1. Mood drops

This might sound strange, but trust me it has got a valid reason behind. The winters are known to have less daylight and so this leads to lot of mood swings. Don’t be confused. This is becauseof lack of Vitamin D during winters. The mood drops may also sometimes lead to depression, very low and many other related moods.

There are many other strange and weird things that happen to our body during the bitter cold, I mean the winters. You tend to pee a lot more than any other season, temporary vision troubles, greater risk of striking down with heart attack, easily gets contracted with diseases due to the cold weather. Cold effects the proper and healthy functioning of the brain, be lazy all the time, dry skin is the main problem so take care of your skin apply moisturizer daily. The temperature getting cold is always delightful and even disgusting even it get colder and colder. Blissful and disgusting too . These were a few changes!

So, that was the various strange things that happens to your body when its cold. I Am sure, all of you might have experienced these strange and weird things happening to body during winters.

Winter is here. All those who have not observed all these changes – time for you to observe these strange things happening to your body during cold.

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