How Hilarious Is Bengali Language?

Bengali Language

Bengali Language  – Bengali the sweetest language that can make you tinkles with the funny uses of the words.

No matter! What is applicable and where it can be applicable? Only one Bengali person can understand what is really meant to be said or is actually what it means? Sometimes it becomes hard to find out the irony in the sentences and some sentences why it is used for without any or actual meaning such as

Maarbo Eikhane Laash Porbe Shoshane

Well! Can you imagine that “anybody challenges to hit you hard unless you are dead such that your body will fly and fall directly into your graveyard”? It’s even hard to think, isn’t it?

Actually, the real meaning of the line is “You will be beaten hard till death”. So actually the relation between the killing and the place of death explained doesn’t really matter. It is one of the famous dialogues of Bengali movie, famous because of the unimaginable and vigorous thought.”Maarbo eikhane laash porbe shoshane….”

Bengali Language

Dhur! Amar Mathar opore!!

Generally, you can hear this from a Bengali person who is highly offended or messed up with his or her activities. Suppose your Mother is cooking food for you on a hurry and asks you to fill a jar of drinking water and to place it. So you fill the jar and ask her where to keep it, though you drink from the jar placed on the dining table. You forget and ask “Maa kothay rakhbo” “where to keep “? Your offended mother replies Dhur! “Amar mathar opore” meaning “On my head”.

Erm!!! That’s not possible a jar filled with water on Mom’s head. Again you cannot find the relation between the head and table.

Bengali Language

Apni Ki kichu khaben? Na ki shudhu Jol khaben!!

“Khabe” means eat.  So if any Bengali asks you about eating water don’t get confused actually they eat water instead of drinking. Again if anyone asks you “Apni ki kichu khaben” means “will you like to have something”. Remember it can be an invitation for a cup of tea or  glass of water rather than a samosas or chicken sausages.

So Bengalis use the word “Khaben” confidently in both the activities of eating and drinking in Bengali Language .

Bengali Language

Dhur! Ghonta!!

Now, what does “Ghonta” actually means? Ghonta means bells, the ringing bells you can see hanging high in the temples. Small bells around the neck of the bulls and cows, that make a wonderful sound.

Once again when a Bengali gets offended you can hear saying the word “Ghonta”. While they use the word Ghonta, means a big zero or no work is done or completed successfully, so the word is said “Dhur! Ghonta”!!

Bengali Language

Once again till far and far extension of sentences and words, you will not find any relation between a Ghonta in Bengali and the hanging bells.

So, you can easily see that the Bengali Language itself is so funny that even if a person speaks in anger, you may laugh at the sentences instead of getting embarrassed or annoyed. One of the sweetest and intellectual languages that can be used in a very diligent way.

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