These Emotional “Six Word Stories” Will Make Your Heart Sink For Sure!

Six Word Stories

Six Word Stories : We all know that it’s not really easy to tell an entire story in only six words. Luckily, some people are blessed with that talent and they can easily tell a sad story or a happy story in just six words. Have you ever tried it? IF yes, then you’re welcome to let us know in the comment section below.

Now; like I mentioned, it is not an easy task to tell a complete story in six words. It is nothing less than a challenge.

Some have undoubtedly mastered it.

These stories mentioned below will make your heart sink. Even though they’ve written a story in six words only, I’m sure that it’s going to hit you hard where it should. All I want you to do is, find a comfy place and start reading these tales.

Six Word Stories : Are you ready? Alright, keep scrolling.

  1. Friends. Best-Friends, Lovers, Strangers.
  2. “Wrong Number”, says a familiar
  3. The smallest coffins are the heaviest.
  4. Nine month wait. LeFt hospital alone.
  5. Lovers only when people aren’t watching.
  6. Mommy? Why aren’t you moving? Mommy?
  7. …Loves me not. Last petal… Damn!
  8. Married a woman. Divorced a man.
  9. The only mourner, her pet cat.
  10. Brought roses home. Keys didn’t
  11. Failed suicide attempt. Paralyzed. Suffer LiFe.
  12. Megan’s baby: John’s surname, Jim’s eyes.
  13. Tripped over luck; stumbled upon tragedy.
  14. They lived happily ever after,
  15. Failed school. Attempted suicide. Failed again.

 Six Word Stories : Aren’t these heart touching? Just in case you want to read some more, click here.

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