Here’s How You Can Make Your Farts Less Smelly

fart less smelly

Making fart less smelly – Farting is a natural process which occurs automatically in every human body.

According  to studies, it is said that on an average a person farts around 12-15 times in a day.

The fart is made up of gasses like oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and methane. The bad odor can prove harmful to you as well as for the people around you. Leave the health effects of a smelly fart, but it surely can make you deal with an embarrassing situation.

So if you are looking for solutions that can make your fart less smelly, take a quick look here.

Making fart less smelly –

  1. Avoid fatty foods

One biggest reasons behind having a bad smelly fart are consuming fatty foods. You should avoid taking food that is oily and deep fried. Consumed fatty foods not only leads to smelly farts but also affects your body in several ways.

  1. Limit the intake of dairy products

Most of the people are tolerant to lactose, which means they starts producing extra gas after consuming dairy products like milk, cheese, curd etc. If your body is lactose tolerant, you should avoid intake of dairy products. Consuming lactose-free food can help to give you a better farting experience.

  1. Drink more water

You should be drinking more water than the rest in order to eliminate the toxins from the body. Drink warm water along with lemon 30 minutes before a meal as this drink can help to deal with flatulence. Other than this, you should make sure to include probiotics in your diet and include herbs which can help to stimulate digestion.

  1. Consume apple cider vinegar

According to science, it is said that consuming apple cider vinegar can help to give you odorless farts. You should be taking one spoon of apple cider vinegar along with one glass of water within 30 minutes of your meal. You should probably be taking two spoons, in case you had dairy products.

  1. Peppermint oil

According to studies, peppermint oil is a magical oil which aids in reducing stomach muscle spasm which further works as a stomach and colon muscle relaxant. Due to antispasmodics and fibers present in peppermint oil, it can help to give you odorless farts. In order to treat bloating and smelly farts, you should be taking 90 g of peppermint oil.

  1. Use gas deodorizing fart pads

For some of them, gas issues are really serious and at such times, all these remedies may take the time to work on. For those who deal with seriously smelly farts, should use gas deodorizing fart pads. Gas deodorizing fart pads are age long inventions which are made with an activated charcoal cloth that helps to remove the foul smell from farts.

  1. Use of Activated charcoal

Activated charcoal is one among the effective remedies that help to treat smelly farts. Activated charcoal is very good at absorbing hydrogen sulfides which are responsible behind smelly farts. You should be taking just one spoon of activated charcoal or charcoal capsules to treat smelly farts.

This is how can you make your fart less smelly. How do you solve this farting problem? Share with us as well.

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