10 Hilarious Things Happen When You Have A Dirty Mind

Having a dirty mind is a rather blessing in disguise and it is a sign that your creative bent of mind is super active. The December and January people born people are believed to have the dirtiest of minds and now that December has dawned upon us, we will discuss about a few things that every December and January born dirty mined person can relate to.

If you have a dirty mind, you will definitely have layered perceptions about simple things. The way you perceive them are cheeky most of the times.

There is not a single dull moment around you:

People who have a dirty mind can always spark up life in any conversation with a touch of quick humour. You can make sound simple sentences downright dirty and incredibly funny. If you are a dirty mind and any of your BFFs have one, you know what we mean!

You always leave people guessing:

When you have a dirty mind, you always pass double meaning sentences which people may not register in the first place, but they will definitely laugh their ass off when understood.

You make people fear you:

People always maintain safe distance with you because they fear your jocularity. You are a Zorro of dirty puns so people are bit more careful around you.

You have a reservoir of one-liner insults:

And fuckboys never see it coming. Hee haw!

You steal glances with your BFF in THAT moment:

When someone says something that has a potential to be a double meaning sentence, you steal a playful glance with your BFF because, you can discuss it later!

You think on your feet:

After all, executing the dirty mind enveloped in humor is not everybody’s wheelhouse so thinking on your feet is something you are always valued for.

It’s hard to behave yourself around adults:

Keeping your joke to yourself around adults is pretty stifling for you. Sometimes, you pass inappropriate jokes at the wrong time and bite your tongue too, happens!

Dirty mind is infectious:

Sometimes, people who hand out with you also become pro at treading dirty jokes like a pro.

You make angry people laugh:

You always navigate a clean conversation into cheap and even if the other person gets angry on you at times, they can’t hold it for long.

You make boring classes super fun!

Adult humour and Penis jokes are the materials you are made of so a boring class is never boring with you in tow.

Your dirty mind is an asset!

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