Funny Ways To Stop Hiccups

Ways to stop hiccups

Ways to stop hiccups – Auditory spasm often called hiccups are no less than unsolicited guest.

They might ring your door when you’re about to leave for a meeting, a get-together, classes or anything that requisites your attention or silence.

Hiccups are the involuntary contraction of the diaphragm, caused due to the sudden closure of the glottis (the vocal chord/larynx). They aren’t an alarm to any underlying medical condition until it lasts for long. Thus a ’hiccup bout’ may last from few seconds to few hours while a ’persistent hiccups’ lasts for few days, which indubitably is for an alert.

There are many reasons behind hiccups, to prevent them might not be practical but to stop these spams are for sure a child’s play. Before switching to some of the hilarious Ways to stop hiccups, first know what are the reasons behind this ’hic’ sound spasms:

Ways to stop hiccups –

  • Elevation of excitement
  • Eating too fast
  • Over intake of carbonated drinks or alcohol
  • Stress
  • Intake of cold and hot items simultaneously
  • Swallowing air
  • Overeating

By now you must have realized how trivial and unheeded are these reasons. Obviously, at times, we tend to engulf air, eat rapidly or may consume little more than we digest. Thus to stop them is quite easy than to avoid them. Here are some of the drilling ways to stop hiccups:


Sounds funny, but yes it really works!

All you have to do is to speak ’Banana underpants’ while moving in a circular motion. Kids enjoy it doing and adults too laugh as a result their spasm flew away.


Drinking water is one of the typical replies you would get from people around you. Yes, it works but takes time to, on the other hand, drinking water upside down acts helps to barricade them immediately.

Drinking water upside down means sipping from the opposite edge of the glass or you may call it the for side of the glass. While doing it you bend your neck a little down and forward at the same time.

Whoosh! How about the spooky prank?

Pranking, tricking or even scaring diverts your attention away from the fact of having auditory spasms and is one of the most used remedies against hiccups

Out of all pranks spooky chills your spine within a couple of seconds, so prefer it over other. Besides making someone frighten you, try to wiggle or tickle as well.

Ways to stop hiccups

Pull hard on your tongue:

Since by now, you have been familiar with the fact what causes hiccups. Relating it to the contraction of diaphragm and association with tongue, you can understand how effective it would be to pull your tongue hard and stop hiccups.

By pulling hard I don’t truck to cause any inconvenience. Always give a tender care while dealing with your own body.

Ways to stop hiccups

Try with salts:

Smelling salt (common salt/table salt) again proves out to be a good method to stop hiccups. Besides inhaling salt, you can also try smelling or sniffing vinegar or lemon wedges. You can also do with oils such as lemon, basil, sandalwood and other essential oils.

Ways to stop hiccups

Breathing in the bag:

You can either hold your breath for a while or breath in and out swiftly in a paper bag. By this, you fix your respiration and vanished the hiccups in a little time. The faster you do the more effective it would be.

Ways to stop hiccups


Ways to stop hiccups – You can swallow large sugar granules if you have no report stating diabetes. Sniffing strings smells, gurgling with ice water, try a teaspoon of honey and holding your breath and stop your ears with fingers.

Ways to stop hiccups

These are the ways to stop hiccups –

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