When You Get Hiccups, Does It Really Mean That Someone Is Missing You?


There are a lot of stories surrounding hiccups and the first thing is “when you get hiccups, someone is missing you very much”. Or when you were small; your parents must’ve also told you that “when you get hiccups, someone is talking bad about you somewhere”.

That’s the thing everybody told right? Correct me if I’m wrong here?  Also frankly, do you even believe them? If you believe then certainly it’s time to get out of the LIE.

Yes, because in reality “Hics doesn’t mean that someone is desperately missing you” or “Someone is talking bad about you”.

It is all created.

Here’s what you REALLY need to know: –

  • Hiccups are actually the bursts of breathing in process.
  • The muscles that we use while breathing in are situated right between the ribs and diaphragm– a muscle below the lungs.
  • A hiccup which is an involuntary contraction of the diaphragm is followed by the closure of vocal chords and this produces the hiccup sound.
  • There are many more reasons – E.g. Drinking alcohol or fizzy drinks upset the stomach.
  • Eating spicy food.
  • Taking way too much stress.


Here are some more FACTS: –

  • Hiccups occur in almost all mammals. (Fetuses inside the womb also get hiccups)
  • Hiccups don’t really last long but if they do then it is a serious sign of major health problem. Especially, if they last for more than 48 hours then some serious problems could be there.
  • There are simply no actual home remedies to cure this problem except doctor’s medicines.
  • Sometimes holding the breath, counting 1-10 and putting sugar under the tongue help to disappear the hiccups.
  • Many continuously drink water but doing so actually increases the level of acidity.

Therefore, hics never really cause troubles when it last for about 60 seconds or few minutes. So whenever you HIC! HIC! – Just don’t panic and oh, nobody is really missing you or talking bad about you. So, Just Chill 🙂

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