These 14 Pictures Of Life In Monsoon Will Get You Drenched In Crazy Laughter

Funny monsoon photos

Funny monsoon photos – Come rains and non-existent poet raises his head in every soul.

It doesn’t matter to them if the world has to bear the torture of their romantic notions of gigantic proportions. If one gets saved from over-dose of romance, there is frustration of mess and wetness to be overcome caused due to rains and mismanagement by authorities!

In times such as these, we thought let’s bring to you some wet humour!

Okay now don’t get ideas, it is still clean compared to dirtyness flowing all around. “winkwink”

Funny monsoon photos –

1) Can’t afford a swimming pool? No worries! enjoy one right in front of your house!


2) Let’s play some innovative musical chairs, in the middle of mad pouring!


3) Who wants a ride? I got space in my rain-coat!


4) Business must go on, rain or no rain, what say?


5) Romance has to happen, in fact better, that it is some wet crazy romance!


6) It is the time to disco! Some rain dance it is, eh?


7) “So the rain took away my job? Whom should I complain now? Damn these authorities*#%$*#!!”


8) This is my convertible submarine! See you guys on the other side of the gutter 


9) Too much hassle drying wet clothes in this weather. I will wear a raincoat ONLY!! And I look too hot in that. Don’t I?


10) Yo baby!! Give me some more. No water in my shower back home!


11) And for that overrated Sex Quotient of the rains.. Here’s some Oooommphhh!


12) Those are expensive shoes, you see!


13) Rain or no rain, I gotta shop so I gotta shop! I’m a WOMAN!


14) And this is the final PUNCH! For the Sex Deprived souls!


These are Funny monsoon photos – Enjoy the monsoon guys, for it lasts just a few days of the year! Go out, get wet and don’t worry about getting messy.


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