5 Chic And Trendy Fashion Tips For Guys And Gals To Rock The Monsoon Season In Style!


Yayyyy monsoon is here 😀

Yeah yeah, we know it’s a little too much of it, but who cares, it is after all, the most romantic season to dress-up and pep-up!

Now, romancing and pepping up means dates, fun, outings and splashing the puddles, right?

Which means you need to rework your wardrobe!

Here we give you 5 Fashion Tips For The Monsoon Season, and look the hottest in the lot!

Tips for Her:

  1. Colours: All light colours and whites have been used for summer, it’s time for bright shades such as neons and oranges. Go for bright coloured dresses, or floral print shirts with denims! Colours like sun yellow, hot pink and blue are considered happening for monsoon season.
  1. Length: No matter what colour you choose, always check for the length of the outfits. Try keeping it short or go for 3/4th instead, if you don’t have that liberty to flaunt your assets. Shorter outfits let you splash freely and enjoy the puddles without getting worried about the dresses getting drenched in muddy water.
  1. Dressing Styles: Rompers, light material short dresses, denim or cotton capris, denim or colourful shorts, half-jumpsuits, cute knee-length skirts are the perfect styles for monsoons. Always invest in good skirts, suitable shorts and knee-length harem pants. These options can really put you in safe and neat place.Team them up with trendy and stylish uppers wherever needed and hit the streets with flair. Another monsoon fashion tip for you is to wear sleeveless tops or tee-shirts. You can also try out trapez shaped dresses in monsoon season with natural prints. Mini skirts in rainbow colours teamed up with plain top looks funky in monsoon season.
  1. Shoes: Long rubber boots with short dresses, rubber snickers with shorts or plastic flip-flops in neon shades which are easily washable go with almost any outfit. They are the most rocking choices for this season.
  1. Accesories: Monsoon outfits can be complemented with some trendy accessories like neon-coloured umbrellas, transparent yet stylish raincoats, high rain boots, beaded necklaces, charm bracelets, string flip-flops, waterproof bags and trendy colourful waterproof watches.


Tips for Him: 

  1. Colours: Go for darker hues like olive green, brown and indigo for lowers and lighter shades for your uppers. Loosely fitted dark coloured denims are a must for monsoons. Light coloured jeans or trousers are a strict no-no as they get stained easily.
  1. Length: If you are a casual wear guy, then loosely fitted 3/4ths, bermudas, capris are the perfect choices for you. If office wear is a must for you, you do not have a choice for the length. However, make sure the trouser is not too fitted as they tend to stick to the skin due to the moisture in the weather.
  1. Dressing Style: Nice thin, comfortable tee-shirts in vibrant colours and loose cotton shirts in happy prints give an uber cool look. For college goers, a trendy transparent raincoat and some cool slogan tees are must haves for monsoon wardrobe! Windcheaters in cool colours are also awesome for monsoon dressing and to make a style statement.
  1. Shoes: Washable shoes are the best bet for rainy days. Rubber flip-flops, faux leather sandals, or ankle length boots are some easy and manageable options.
  1. Accessories: Forget the shades till it rains. The must have accessory is a classy waterproof watch! Invest in a trendy sports one, for your monsoon ensemble! It is just too good for swimming and beach parties too. A classic piece on your wrist will just complete your monsoon look, before you are ready to hit the streets with a splash! A monsoon splash 😀

So, guys and girls, get set and go for monsoon splashes in style!

Monsoon is the season when neither makeup stays on neither looks, buy style can stay if you know how to make it stay.

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