Do This To Grow In Your Organisation At The Speed Of Light!

grow in organisation

Everyone wants to rise to the top in any organisation and some of them try everything and anything outside or inside the book!

Still, the success is achieved by a selected few only.

While routine appraisals and promotions keep happening in any company, to grow in your organisation faster than your peers and rise higher up the hierarchy in no time require special skills and efforts.

Let me share some of the basics required if you want to grow in your career with astonishing speed!

1) Work Extra Hard

Working more than your colleagues is always a plus point in front of your superiors. You got to put in extra efforts if you want to be noticed by management as someone who is dependable and who can handle extra responsibilities.

2) Work Smart

Don’t just work hard, but work smart! Ensure that you’re not doing more and more of routine stuff, but are finding out ways to improve productivity and completing more work in less amount of time. Know how to delegate authority and be able to multitask while maintaining the quality of the job at hand.

3) Initiatives

You got to grab the opportunities and not wait for them to land in your lap. Go out of your way to take initiatives, do something challenging on your own, initiate something that can prove beneficial to your entire organisation. This just puts you out of the crowd and right in the management’s centre of attention!

4) Leadership Qualities

One is either born a leader or not! However, with efforts you can train yourself to be a leader. First of all, you need to have the fire in you to accomplish something. After that, bring your team, your colleagues on the same page as you and then lead from the front. Motivate them, inspire them, take charge and show them how it is done. Most importantly, don’t only buck-up your best performing people, but give 100% support to the weakest link! That’s going to prove how good a leader you are!

5) Right Networking

Only doing your job is not enough, but showcasing it to the right people is very important as well. The right people in your company should be aware of your talents, skill sets and your performance. For that you need to do extensive networking so that everyone knows about you, talks about you and help you grow!

6) Self-learning

This is one of the most important aspects if you want to win the race! Keep learning, evolving and self-motivating against all odds! You are not going to always succeed at your job, there will be failures, but you need to show the people around you that you’re a fast learner and you’re not someone who keeps sulking. You have to learn to tide over any crisis pretty soon with a lot of self-confidence.

These character traits will go a long way in helping you grow in your career as well as in your personal life too. Learn these or polish these, but follow them to the core to be a star player!

Good luck! J

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