Complete Face Wash Guide For Men

Face Wash Guide For Men

Face Wash Guide For Men – Face wash is a quintessential part of our daily face care routine and you can’t go without using it. We have already said in a previously article how negligent men are when it comes to skin care and hence they fall prey to premature ageing.

Continuing that statement, we would say that men tend to skip the most important skin care rule daily which is washing the face. Probably they are too baffled with many options that brands lay down every day and simply give up.

We are sure that choosing the right face wash is a fairly difficult work but were going to tell you here some basic things you need to look for in a face wash as per your skin type.

Face Wash Guide For Men –

Why men need face wash?

The basic point why you need face wash is to rid your face from the impurities and pollutants your skin is infested with. At the same time, it clears the bacteria, dead cells, and clearing the sebum where oil is collected which clogs your pores. You have to really ensure that your face wash is not packed with harmful chemicals and cocamidopropyl betaine or caprylic triglyceride are there aplenty. We are rooting for these two ingredients especially because they are sulphate free surfactants. We would highly recommend using face wash instead of soap because the harsh components in the soap leave your skin too much dry.

Some points to remember while buying the face wash:

For dry skin: When you have dry skin, you will have to be extra cautious while buying face wash. Look for ingredients like lanolin, petroleum, and mineral oil which leaves your skin nourished after using it. You will feel a slight layer of moisture after using them.

For oily skin: Your face wash will rather have to be a mighty warrior when you have oily skin because the sebum glands are too stubborn. Ideally, you should opt for mild face wash for your oily skin all the natural oils that the glands are produce ill be there to restore the balance. Also, you will need to look for products which have anti-bacterial properties, advisably neem oil or tea-tree oil which will do the most justice to your skin.

For combination skin:

This is a difficult battle for people who have combination skin. Your skin scoots between being too oily and too dry hence choosing the wrong face wash can make the side-effects crop up pretty fast than expected. We would urge you to play safe here and use a gentle face wash which will work just about fine in a combination skin. Your face wash needs to be alcohol free hypoallergenic, soap-free in case if you have combination skin. As an alternative measure, you can also try out the oil-infused micellar water which tends to clean your skin pretty gently.

Face Wash Guide For Men – These are the three most risky skin types apart from acne prone skin which can be dealt with neem, tea-tree, salicylic acid infused cleansers. For the above three, stick to the rules we pointed out.

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