If You Feel Like Losing Hope On Life After Failing In Exams, Read This

Failing in Exams

Failing in Exams – We are born in a sort of world where we are always told that passing in exams is everything.

Be it in our early grades or in college, scores become the most important part of the life. But do you think scores are as important as life?

Of course not. So, why do these students give up their life after failing in exams? I mean, it’s one thing to be disappointed with something that you didn’t wish to happen but instead of retrying or trying something else, you simply lose hope on life.


Well, if you are also one of those who feel like losing hope on life after failing in exams, you need to read this.

First of all, a few marks in exams do not decide the career you are going to have ahead. Those marks don’t hold the power to make or break the potential you have in you and your caliber to do things in life. Have you ever looked at those poor students on street who don’t even have the resources to study and yet, they wish every second just to enter in a school with uniform not to pass or fail but to study? Have you ever thought of your parents who invested their whole life on you so that you stand by them when they need you? Instead of that, you are in your own world, worrying about your marks, seriously? Who said your career is over after you fail?

Have you ever heard about Bill Gates?

He is a college dropout and that too from the most prestigious university Howard.

Similarly, Steve Jobs dropped out from college freshman year right after 6 months because he realized he is not interested in what he is doing and wanted to do something else.

Oprah Winfrey, Mark Zuclerberg, Jay Z and there are so many more who realized they were not succeeding in what they were studying and changed their paths.

So, instead of opting for suicide once you have failed, you can listen to your heart and change your career. Failing in exams is not the solution.

It is as simple as that. Also, academics is not everything. There are so many vocational courses these days where students have brighter future than they have in Engineering or Doctorate. Just look into yourself and see what you can to do.

At last, I’d want to conclude stating that do not go by the norms of the society and how they have turned this whole world into either being on the top or failing. You are always going to do well in what you love and you just need to find that out.

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