Aamir Khan Goes Naked For P.K.: It Is The SHOCKER Of The Year!

The official poster launch for Aamir Khan’s P.K. in which he is shown naked with just a tape recorder covering him. A truly eye-catching act to kick-start the promotions for what could be another blockbuster of a movie.

Aamir Khan has gone back to his birthday suit!

And going by the opinions of his female fans, he looks yummmmmm!!!

Guys, you don’t have to get jealous of his chiseled physique, may be learn a lesson or two and hit the gym!

As far as the leading actresses of Bollywood are concerned, step away darlings, it is guys’ time now!

We are talking about the official poster of Aamir Khan’s upcoming flick, P.K.! It can be counted as one the boldest posters of any Hindi movie to be launched ever.

After all, it is not daily that we see a naked drool-worthy super-mindboggling-star on a film’s poster. Trust Aamir to come up with revolutionary ideas not only for his movies but also for their promotion strategies. In just a short time of the launch, the poster has gone viral and has set the tongues wagging!

We see Aamir standing on a railway track in wilderness, truly going wild and raw with nature, showing off his well-toned six-pack physique, with just an old-world tape recorder to cover his modesty.

Oh yes, he also carries a kind of a shocked and surprised expression on his face. Wonder what caused that? May be he is shocked at our reactions to see him like that. Obviously Aamir, your fans never expected this from you, but no, we aren’t complaining one bit! He has raised expectations to such high levels; we just hope that he meets them all.

No other mainstream superstar has ever attempted something like this in Bollywood!

Guess it is coming of age cinema with change in people’s mindset allowing for film-makers and actors to experiment with their looks and cross new boundaries. Aamir’s contemporary Salman Khan has been removing his shirt for the longest possible time and in recent times every actor worth his salt has gone off-shirt at least once in their flicks. But to remove pants as well and shed every possible inhibition, that requires guts of a different kind! Who knows, this just might propel other stars to try something of this sort! More drool time for girls, right?

Ahem Ahem!

For sure, P.K.’s promotional activity has started with the biggest bang possible! This Rajkumar Hirani directed venture is unlike his earlier sweet, message-driven flicks. No doubt, he will give some message via this film too, but this falls more in the category of a satire on religion. A very tricky terrain to walk on, however, given his credentials, we hope he will come out with flying colors.

You guys check out the poster as well and let us know what you feel about it!

Aamir Khan, proud of you for pushing the envelope!

Keep rocking!

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