Excuses People Use To Not Go To The Gym

Excuses not to go to gym

Excuses not to go to gym – When it comes to exercising, not every mind (and body) is as encouraged as the others.

Laziness and lack of time are the two most common excuses used by people to skip their day’s work out.

One of the basics to not miss a gym session is meeting with the scheduled session. Once you miss it, chances are high that you would want to give it a miss another time, too.

Here are a few other lame Excuses not to go to gym –

Excuses not to go to gym –

I’m tired” could probably be the third common justification used by people to miss gym. Chances are that you do not have a lot of energy due to other activities you engaged in that day, but does it matter? Put on your gym pants and get going. You should be fine.


Another reason why you might not want to go to the gym is because you find it boring. You would rather stay at home and play the new WWE 2K14 that you bought for your PlayStation.


If it rains a tad that morning, you get an excuse to skip gym. This time around, you use weather as the reason. Is your gym, by any chance, controlled by the weather?


People also use gym intimidation as a reason to not go to the gym. Though not as common as other excuses, this fear might generate when an individual sees the surrounding getting filled with bard-bodied and scantily dressed men.


Gyms, unlike any other space, have peak hours during which the members flood the surrounding. People may use the place being crowded as a reason and procrastinate work out, eventually skipping it entirely.


Individuals, who are an evening exercise person, might skip going to gym because their favourite movie or TV show might be coinciding with the gym time.


Exercising after a prolonged duration results in the body hurting, as it has not been flexible for some time now.


These are just some of the many excuses that people use to skip exercise. Nevertheless, we all know what the feeling deep inside is.


These are excuses not to go to gym –

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