5 Excuses That You Can Use To Turn Down SEX!

Excuses For Turning Down Sex

Excuses For Turning Down Sex – I believe that a physical relationship should be built in such a way where your opinion matters. I mean a physical relationship where you both have sex without forcing each other. Yep, because if you’ve to force your partner to have sex, then I think everything is going wrong.

Now, a relationship is not just about SEX, it’s about LOVE, CARE, UNDERSTANDING…the list goes on and on. Today, we’re going to talk about SEX and the excuses which should be accepted by your partner when you don’t want to have sex. Understand, even though it’s gonna hurt your partner’s feelings, it’s all OKAY.

If you don’t want it, SAY NO and end the matter because you’ve the right to do so.

To say it twistedly, here are the excuses for turning down sex.

  1. I’m TOO full – A bit gassy

Guys will understand that you’re not in a situation to have sex when you say “You’re too full”. Ladies, make sure to hold your stomach and act it out, so you know it’ll look REAL. Saying “I’m full” or “A lot of gas in-there” clearly shout out that you’ll not be able to do any physical activity.

  1. Stomach is paining

Ugh, my stomach is paining so badly, so I’m just gonna take a medicine and sleep. You know what; if your guy is caring, then he’ll quickly say “Oh, you have rest, it’s fine” *blah* *blah*.

  1. I’m very tired

Simply tell him “I’m so freaking tired and I can barely even walk and stuff like that”. You know, you can convince him by talking about his tiredness too. Just tell him “Oh honey, you look so tired and your dark circles are killing me, you need sleep”. Trust me; he’ll fall asleep faster than you.

  1. I’ve other important things to do

Well, if he is smart enough and understanding, then he’ll let you do your other important works first. So, when you tell him about this, make yourself busy by doing some other office work or your household stuff etc.

  1. My back hurts

Oh dear, put your hands on your back and act like it hurts. Tell him that you must’ve pulled something and now it’s killing you *blah* *blah* and end the matter. Tell him to do a massage on your back (Make him a little happy) While he is busy doing it, take a nap and wake up next morning.

This was all about the excuses for turning down sex. Do you have any other excuses to add? Let us know about it in the comment section below.

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