Women! Let These Right Dumbbell Exercises Add The Oomph Factor

Dumbbell exercises

Dumbbell exercises – As compared to men, women and their workouts have to be light and functional, keeping in mind their slim physiques and not-so heavy muscles.

Thus, trainers often advise women to start out with strength training with a 5-pound dumbbell.

Here, they would be able to complete 12 to 15 repetitions of each exercise using the dumbbells and also get in tune with the workouts and help in muscle growth.

At the end of the set, some might use more than 5 pound dumbbell but it should be challenge and must harm any part of the body. If one is struggling to get through six or more reps, consider starting out with 2-3 pound weights with extra reps included.

So with the dumbbell exercises a must for a woman, here’s what they gotta do:

Dumbbell exercises –

1 – Goblet squat

To begin with, get hold of a dumbbell and hold it closer to your chest. Then lay in a squat down position and try to go as low as possible while trying to keep your upper body as upright as possible. Pause at the bottom for a second and then stand up while pushing out the knees.


2 – Military press

A good shoulder workout, military press works out on your arms, shoulders and core. Here, take a dumbbell and near it to your shoulder with the palm facing forward. Then, press the dumbbell above your head to a complete lockout of the elbow. Hold this position for a second and bring it down to the starting position, and repeat.


3 – One-arm bent row

In this exercise, one requires a bench with your waist in a bended position till your upper body is parallel to the ground and the back is straight. Rest one palm on the bench and grab a dumbbell with the other hand, with the palm facing in the downward position. Bring the dumbbell to the side of your chest, with the arm close to the body. Hold the position for a second and then repeat from the other side.



4 – Windmill

Here, press a dumbbell over your head with the right hand and keep the arm locked out. Then, with the feed wide apart, turn them out 45 degrees to the left. The right knee should stay straight throughout the set the left one can bend. By shifting the weight onto the right leg, reach to the ground with the left hand, and try to reach the floor with the amount of flexibility in your body. Most important, make sure that your back is straight while doing the movement.


These are Dumbbell exercises –

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