Ladies, Here Are 6 Arm Exercises That You Should Be Doing To Get Toned Arms!

Arm Exercises To Get Toned Arms

Arm Exercises To Get Toned Arms – According to womenshelathmag.com, your shoulders and upper back tend to carry less fat than the rest of your body, so the right arm exercises can give this area a nearly instant makeover, says Ramona Braganza, a celebrity trainer who has worked with Anne Hathaway and Jessica Alba.

It is not easy to get toned arms, but hey, it is not even impossible. In the end, right arm exercises matters a lot and that’s the only thing you should be doing to get toned arms.

So, these are the 6 arm exercises that’ll help you get toned arms.

Let’s begin – (Note – Do these exercises at-least 3 times a week)

Arm Exercises To Get Toned Arms – 

  1. Biceps Curl

Get in a straight position, keep your back straight, and chest up. Now hold a pair of dumbbells in your hand, palms facing forward. Later, try NOT to move your upper arms and bend your elbows and take the weights towards your shoulders (as shown in the image)

Continue doing it till 15 reps.

Arm Exercises To Get Toned Arms

(Image Source – Everybody Loves Cocktails)

  1. Dumbbell Cross Jab

Stand with your feet hips wide apart, bend your knees slowly. Hold the dumbbells in each hand at chest height with your elbows bent. One at a time, extend your left arm, and then right arm. Repeat this on each side at-least 20 times.

(Image Source – Seven Fitness)

  1. Pilates Boxing

This one is easy. All you need to do is, stand with your feet hips wide apart, bend your knees slowly but try to maintain a neutral spine. Now try to raise fists to your shoulders and keep elbows up. Later, box on each side (Left and right) at-least 15 times.

(Image Source – Health Magazine)

  1. Triceps Swing

Lie down on the floor with face-up; bend your knees (as shown in image) take dumbbells in each hand. Firstly, keep both your arms straight, then take your left arm over chest and then take your right arm over head.

Do 10-15 reps on each side.

(Image Source – VKool.com)

  1. Push Up On Medicine Ball

It is very important to do push-up in order to get toned arms. It is a good exercise, a little painful, but a good one. All you need to do is, place your body in push-up position on floor with your feet on the ball, and then start doing the regular pushups.

Arm Exercises To Get Toned Arms

(Image Source – Women’s Health)

  1. Chair Reps

Last but not the least i.e. do chair dips to get tones arms. Place a chair behind you, sit on the edge of the chair, place your hands on either side of chair, and keep your feet flat on floor. In that position, bend your elbows 90 degrees.

Straighten your arms, and raise your body back to the start position. Continue doing 10 reps.

Arm Exercises To Get Toned Arms

(Image Source – The Fit Indian)

This was all about arm exercises to get toned arms.

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