10 Things All 20-Something Go Through When They’ve NO Idea What To Do In LIFE!

Problems All 20-Something Face

Problems All 20-Something Face – Honestly, IT HAPPENS.

Let me tell you, that you’re NOT the only one struggling with 20’s problems in LIFE. You might cry, take stress and end up thinking like “College is over but now what’s next – What should I do in my LIFE” You look at your friends, some of them are working and they know what they’re doing in their LIFE. So you start thinking “What am I capable of doing?” “What is my talent?” And then, you look at your friends who are as confused as you are, so you think “Thank God, there are people like me” Hush!

But still, the parents keep shouting *day & night*, so the trouble of having NO IDEA about what to do in life haunts every-day.

As soon as you hit the adult road, everything changes and sometimes (maybe all the time) LIFE SUCKS and then you doubt your existence.

Here are 10 things All 20-Something Face when they’ve no idea about what to do with the LIFE they’re living. (Problems All 20-Something Face)

  1. You watch motivational videos

When you think that you’re drowning in fear, you watch Motivational videos. You think, that the reality sucks, so at-least the videos will help you boost confidence. You watch videos the whole night, and then again when you wake up “LIFE slaps you on face and says “Good morning: welcome to the reality”. (It happens)

  1. You keep asking about what *others* are doing

You always keep on asking about what your friends are doing in their LIFE. Are they working? Are they studying further? What kind of job are they doing? The questions are endless.

You make sure that you know what’s happening in others LIFE.

  1. You start thinking about people who are happy in their life

You think about your cousin’s who are happy and are earning 50k-60k. Then you think about “how did they achieve so much?” Who helped them? Should I ask for an advice? Later, you end up asking yourself “I did the right thing by completely this course, right?”

  1. You ask others “What do you think is my talent?”

The problem here is, you aren’t confident and you’re clueless. You act like you don’t know yourself at-all. So, whenever you meet your friends, you ask them that one annoying question “What do you think I am good at?” Writing? Etc etc… As soon as they say “You’re good at this and that…you keep thinking about it all the time”

  1. You spend hours looking for a job online

Now that you know what you’re good at (all because your friends told you about it) you go online and then you search jobs related to it. For e.g. writing (You search for jobs like content writing or creative writing)

  1. You hang out with people who you think are just like you

Most of the time, you cancel plans with friends who are working. Because, every time you meet them, all they talk about is their job. So, you try to hang out with people who are confused like you.

  1. You don’t know what you’re doing

Once you start working, you certainly feel good. But, all of this goodness disappears when you go to your bed thinking “Why am I doing this?” It gets worse. Especially, when you see that your friends are working in a better company, then you think “Why am I so unlucky?”

  1. You think you can do something, but you’re low on confidence

Once you figure out that “Ok, I can do this”, your low confidence stops you from doing it. You think about *others*, and this time, in a different way. You don’t take risk and that’s why you end up doing what you don’t like.

  1. You miss school and college days A LOT

In the end, you go through all the pictures you clicked during your college days. You start missing your college days a lot. You think, they were really the golden days that you had.

  1. What do I want to be when I grow up

You’ve a job, your parents are happy, everything is going smooth. But still, the question that you keep on asking is “What do I want to be when I grow up” Later reality sucks, when you realize “F*ck, I’m already a grown up kid” Damn! MY LIFE SUCKS.

Problems All 20-Something Face – Any other relatable problems to share? Comment below.

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