5 Reasons Why Green Tea Is Not As Good As They Say

disadvantages of green tea

Disadvantages of green tea – We listen from almost everyone that green tea is healthy, it helps you stay fit, fresh, slim and what not.

But what they don’t say is that there are some disadvantages too of consuming that green tea on regular basis. Yes, and I am sure that even you are totally unaware of those disadvantages.

Well, then let’s have look at some of those reasons that prove green tea is not as good as they say:

disadvantages of green tea –

Caffeine properties

A lot of people create an image of coffee when it comes to thinking about caffeine but not many people know that green tea contains high amount of caffeine too. And if you are not used to consuming caffeine, you might suffer from things like Nausea, insomnia, diarrhea etc.

Risk in pregnancy

As per a lot of experts, consuming high amounts of green tea during pregnancy leads to miscarriages and other health issues. In fact, during lactation it is harmful as the caffeine of green tea passes into the breast milk and the infant might suffer from that.

Kills the effects of healing drugs

Though green tea is itself known as a healing herb for its anti-oxidant properties, it is said that it kills the effect of anti-cancer drugs used for your body if consumed with them.


While fasting, a lot of people consume green tea to replace the effect of food on their empty stomach. But what they don’t know is that consuming green tea on an empty stomach leads to toxicity and various other issues.

Iron Deficiency

I know it’s hard to believe but the truth is that green tea contains toxic properties and tannis that blocks the absorption of iron from whatever we eat or drink.

These are the disadvantages of green tea – Consuming a limited amount of green tea like a cup or two in a day won’t affect you with any of these issues, but if you have any serious health issues, then you must talk to your doctor before starting to consume green tea.

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