Party of thieves, eh Rahul? Wink Wink

Congress is neck deep in scams, still its party vice-president calls the opposition a party of thieves.

Not long ago, in the monsoon session of the parliament, the opposition Bhartiya Janata Party had called Prime Minister Manmohan Singh a “chor” for his possible involvement in Coalgate. That had made us come face to face with the reality that our PM was not a robot but an emotional man who had shown his anger over the remarks in the house quite ferociously.

Taking a cue from our good opposition, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi dubbed the whole party a pack of thieves during a rally in Chhatisgarh. He said that the ruling BJP was a looting the natural resources of the state and that it was a party of thieves.

Well Rahul, have you heard the old Hindi saying “ulta chor kotwal ko daante”? You are doing something like that here. Your Congress party is neck deep in scams and it is running the central government. Who will know better than your prime minister who let the coal mining scam happen while he was in office?

Commonwealth games scam, 2Gspectrum scam, coal mining scam, cash for vote scam, you name it Rahul, whatever ministry or department you will visit you will be able to unearth scams there. This government has become nothing but a creator of hundreds of committees for probing various scams.

And we fear that soon in line will be food security scam because your policy was devised only for the purpose of votes and which will bite the poor man in the face after the initial years of your happiness.

Your party tries to save criminals from the axe of supreme court by drafting an ordinance and even passing it through the cabinet, it tries to cover up the a** of the prime minister who should have been long held by the CBI and questioned about his role in the coal scam, and you call a state government with a very good report card a party of thieves?

We guess this is only lack of knowledge similar to that of the “nonsense” ordinance. And we assume this because you did not utter a single word to prove that the state BJP government led by Raman Singh was involved in thieving.

Also, have you forgotten that the model code of conduct is in place in the state by the Election Commission which recently slapped on your arm for your uncontrolled remarks? BJP has already moved the Election Commission (EC) seeking strong action against you for this blunder.

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