Are You THE EDUCATED or THE LITERATE? The Pick Is Yours!

Difference between the educated and the literate

Difference between the educated and the literate – We have been reading random things all long years of schooling. We call it 12years of education. It is a prodigious time to put into practise what we have learnt.

Few are those we come across each grade repeatedly. The reason for this is to put them into use and make them a habit. We have been taught life lessons ahead of time; still we address those as the crucial ones. In some way, the world today is orchestrated by perfuntorious knowledge of us.Nevertheless, we are responsible. First step towards change is acceptance.So; here are the outcries we were told a millions of time in every lesson and every grade.

This is to brush up our memories and to ponder on Difference between the educated and the literate :

Difference between the educated and the literate

  1. Never waste water.

There were numerous pies charts showing us scant of water in percentages. As far as I remember, every science lesson had this. Did we actually realise what it said? It said, we were few of the lucky ones to have clean water for drinking. It says that in many countries people walk 6miles only for water. It says women and children are going to be deeply affected without water. It says save water!

It’s just a cup of water – Said millions.

Difference between the educated and the literate

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  1. Never waste food

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimates that about 815 million people of the 7.6 billion people in the world, or 10.7%, were suffering from chronic undernourishment in 2016. So what this means to us? Being aware of quantity of food you carry on your plate and avoid wasting. Respecting someone’s (farmer’s) blood and flesh behind each grain of rice.

It’s just scanty grains, Said millions.

  1. Reduce, Recycle, Resuse

It’s too a cliché for those who don’t understand this. We already have seen so many pictures of plastics floating on water. On our part, we can carry water bottles instead of buying one during travel. Get a metal straw wherever you go. If only we can get these two things done, viola! Now we know the sense of satisfaction.

It’s just a straw, said millions.

Difference between the educated and the literate

  1. Save Fuel

“Fuel is a natural resource that produces useful energy when it undergoes a chemical or nuclear reaction.”

Does it seem familiar? Yes, the basic definition we learnt in all grades to pass the exam. Did we have a closer look? Purchase capacity of people is rapidly increasing and so is the need of fuel. If not saved now, we can have our vehicles safe in our garages for our future generations to curse on! Try out putting off your vehicles in signals at the least.

It’s just a few seconds, Said millions.

Difference between the educated and the literate

May be we have paid for the product or a service but that does not give any privilege to us to waste our world’s resources. It belongs to all. Being responsible is being educated. If anything we can change, it is us.

So, as I said. The pick is yours. Know the difference between the educated and the literate. Most of us are just being literate! We need educated people to educate our future generations. We are the mentors .We are the creators of beautiful world back again. It’s now or never

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