Knowingly Or Unknowingly, All Of Us Indulge In These SmartPhone Habits That Affect Our Well-Being!

Strange habits of using cell phone – In the last few years, smartphones have gradually crept into our lives reaching onto every nook and corner. But we, as smartphone owners, have garnered weird habits of using cell phones…

Do you often hear your phone ringing or probably feel it vibrating, even when it isn’t?

Well, this is a problem arising out of excessive usage of smartphones, and almost all of us have fallen prey to it. There is no denying that smartphones have made our lives easier & simpler, but they have also created a disharmony in our physical and mental health.

While it’s good to have a faithful companion, but too much of anything is bad.

These devices seem to have taken over our lives in unimaginable ways and have made us a reach a state of slavery.

Listed below are bizarre smartphone habits that affect our well-being:   

  1. Using the Smartphone in the Bathroom

We are all aware that washrooms play host to horrifying and fatal germs. Among all the other things that we carry to the bathroom, smartphone is one device that has a sticky-magnet and is prone of being infested with bacteria.

  1. Messaging While Walking on the Road

Now who doesn’t know that it isn’t safe to talk or text while walking or crossing the road? We forget that we are not only accountable for our own lives, but we also need to stay socially responsible and not endanger anyone else’s life too!

  1. Selfie-Addiction

Most of us love clicking selfies or groufies while hanging out with friends at a concert or party. We get so engrossed in taking pictures and immediately posting them on social media sites to let the whole world know about our whereabouts, that we forget to actually live those precious personal moments and spend quality time with our loved ones. Lack of direct communication with our partner may lead to frustration and misunderstandings in the relationship, which in turn affects our mental health.

  1. Fear of Losing the Phone

Almost all of us have suffered from a mini heart attack when we thought that our phone has gone missing! We immediately start looking for it inside pockets, bags, under the sofa, and practically everywhere! In fact, the mere thought of losing a smartphone causes us unnecessary anxiety and trauma.

  1. Using the Phone in Bed

Experts say that using the phone in bed after turning off the lights not only interferes with the vision, but can induce severe ailments such as cataract, sleep disturbance, depression, memory problems, and much more.

Being too much dependent on phones not only makes our brain comparatively irresponsible, but also renders disastrous effects on our wellness. It’s time we understand that though smartphones are an integral part of our lives, they also have a series of caveats, and we should lead our lives in a manner that is best for our body and mind.   

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